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New perspective for Indiana participant on USB trip

Loren Hylton raises corn and soybeans on his farm in Carroll County, in Central Indiana. Being chosen to participate in the United Soybean Board See for Yourself program has given Hylton a lot to think about, and he said he will be thinking differently when he’s harvesting his soybean crop in the fall. “I’ll be thinking this fall as I go through the field and harvest my crops, what difference that makes not only in my life but other people’s lives also.”

Hylton believes United States Soybean Checkoff dollars are being wisely invested in Mexico.

“If it weren’t for our checkoff dollars, we probably wouldn’t be here in this area. So, it’s important that I know and that other farmers know also that they are being used well for the future of our business of raising soybeans. It’s just good to know and I’m looking for a lot more advancements in the field.”

Hylton walked away from the USB SFY program with a new perspective.

“My perception from what I thought I was going to see and what I did see were two different things,” he said. “I believe that we think of ourselves as being innovative and on the cutting edge but there are folks throughout this world I’m sure that are competing to be number one.”

Conversation with Loren Hylton

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