Ag leaders seek time on dietary guidelines

The head of the U.S. House Agriculture Committee has sent a letter about concerns over recommended dietary guidelines being considered by Ag Secretary Ton Vilsack and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell to the secretaries. A government advisory committee has recommended less consumption of red and processed meats – and for the first time… Read more »

Pork profits to drop in 2015

A year ago the hog market saw record high prices. Purdue ag economist Chris Hurt says concerns about how the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus would affect production drove the hog market higher. “There were rumors of how bad that disease was – and it certainly was bad,” he says. “But there was talk a year ago… Read more »

Bearish fundamentals pressure wheat

Soybeans were lower on fund and technical selling. The truck strike in Brazil has been suspended until next week, so supplies are heading to ports and fuel is moving to farms. Past that – the trade continues to watch crop weather around South America. Weekly export numbers were solid, with unknown and China the big… Read more »

A thaw ahead for much of the Heartland

During the next two days, a winter-weather event will unfold across the South, East, and lower Midwest.  Additional precipitation totals could reach 1 to 2 inches or more from northeastern Texas into the Mid-Atlantic region. Furthermore, a significant winter weather event will feature heavy snow and sleet form the Ozark Plateau into the Mid-Atlantic States…. Read more »

Building an organic school and restaurant business

Greg and Mary Reynolds of Minnesota were named Organic Farmers of the Year by the Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES). What started out as a garden has evolved into a certified organic farm which sells to restaurants and schools in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.  Greg talks about how the business works.

National FFA Week is a time to remember

National FFA Week is a time many of us reflect back on memories of building picnic tables, soils judging contests, learning to weld, touring a meat locker, and going to State and National FFA Convention with a van full of teen-agers.  Many reading this column were active participants in the local FFA Chapter.  Some of… Read more »

March into good nutrition

Since March is National Nutrition Month, let’s take a look at nutrition advice from the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:  Fill half your plate with a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables at every meal; make at least half the grains you eat whole grains; choose healthy protein sources; eat low-fat dairy foods.  Listen… Read more »

Putting producers first — where they belong

Cruising through next week’s schedules for both House and Senate Agriculture Committees, I was taking in details of the Senate ag panel’s February 24 hearing on Farm Bill implementation, and was immediately struck by a something a bit “off” on the agenda.  The first witnesses from which the full committee will hear is a producer… Read more »

Big swing in ethanol profitability

2014 was a very profitable year for the ethanol industry.  But 2015 is off to a bit of a rough start.  Ethanol production margins have fallen sharply in recent months, mainly due to overproduction and the big drop in the price of oil. Chuck Woodside, CEO of Minden, Nebraska-based KAAPA Ethanol, says the industry is… Read more »

New delivery system for control of horn flies

At last year’s Cattle Industry Convention, SmartVet USA and AgiLabs unveiled their new VetGun delivery system for treating horn flies and lice in cattle. This year, the two companies were back at the NCBA Trade Show demonstrating how the VetGun works. The VetGun uses precision-engineered CO2 power to project a precise dosage of AiM-L VetCap… Read more »

Nebraska bills aimed at livestock expansion

Two bills in the Nebraska legislature would help facilitate livestock expansion in the state. LB106 would make changes to the local permitting process for new or expanding livestock operations. It directs the Nebraska Department of Agriculture to develop an assessment matrix for use by county officials when determining whether to approve a livestock application. Supporters… Read more »

Benefits of using probiotics in horses

Probiotics used in the equine industry help to regulate the intestinal bacteria flora.  Kevin Roche, CEO of ProBiostatin Livestock says the use of probiotics helps to provide the protection the horses’ immune system and intestinal tracts need.

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