Sluggish start to corn planting

Corn planting continues at a sluggish pace in Indiana.  According to USDA’s latest weekly Crop and Weather report, just 3 percent of the corn crop is planted, well behind the 5 year average of 26 percent. Central Indiana farmer Brian Scott says they’ve only been able to plant one field so far this year.  “We… Read more »

Butter gains two cents

Cash cheese and nonfat dry milk held steady while butter gained two cents on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Monday.  One unfilled bid set the new butter price.  Class III futures drifted a bit lower on the lack of activity in the cheese market. More than 10.7 billion pounds of milk was received from Federally-pooled… Read more »

More rain for the southern Corn Belt

During the next 5 days, an active weather pattern will result in 2- to 4-inch rainfall totals (and locally severe thunderstorms) from the southern Plains into the Southeast. Late-week rain will spread as far north as the southern Corn Belt, but the nation’s northern tier will remain mostly dry. Many areas from the Pacific Coast… Read more »

Farming the Delmarva Peninsula

During the time that Richard Wilkins has farmed in Delaware he’s paid close attention to keeping water clean.  That comes second nature for Wilkins who farms on the Delmarva Peninsula near the shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  Wilkins – the first vice president of the American Soybean Association – serves as a valuable resource for… Read more »

HSUS chipping away at animal ag

Commentary. In just ten years, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has had a greater impact on animal agriculture in the United States than any other non-government organization of which I am aware. A gang of radical animal rights activists all dressed up in suits and ties has, in a single decade, convinced… Read more »

Growing backyard mushrooms

Growing cultivated edible mushrooms can be done in your back yard. Gregory Ormsby is with the Center for Agroforestry at the University of Missouri. He’s been holding workshops to show people how to grow three types of mushroom. Shitake, Oyster and Wine Cap Strapheria or Garden Giant. Mushrooms are full of nutrients. HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM… Read more »

Activists deny reality, attack the messengers

Why are some “consumer protection” groups deaf, dumb and blind to the opinions of the folks they purport to protect?  In the case of those seeking labeling of foods containing genetically modified (GM) ingredients, this triple affliction seems particularly severe and chronic, complicated by paranoia, petulance and an apparent compulsion to speak out of both… Read more »

A conversation with Monsanto’s Robb Fraley

Monsanto chief technology officer Robb Fraley, often referred to as “the father of agricultural biotechnology”, was in Lincoln, Nebraska recently for a presentation at the University of Nebraska. In an exclusive interview with Brownfield, Fraley talked about how his role has changed over the past couple of years. “Typically, when I’ve come to Nebraska in… Read more »

Agriculture needs innovation, collaboration and leadership

With a career that includes time at Oscar Mayer, Johnsonville and Con Agra; Chris Salm and his brothers formed Salm Partners in 2004.  Utilizing a new, innovative process and a partnership philosophy, Salm Partners has become the largest cooked-in-package sausage maker in the country.  Chris says that is the kind of innovation that agriculture will… Read more »

Nebraska bill could help with livestock expansion

A bill that would create voluntary state guidelines for county approval of new or expanded livestock operations has advanced to final reading in the Nebraska Unicameral. LB106 directs the state Department of Agriculture to develop an assessment matrix for county officials to use when considering livestock operation proposals.  In its original form, the bill would… Read more »

Send your horse to college

Recognized as having one of the top equestrian studies programs in the country, the University of Findlay not only prepares students when they graduate for a career in the equestrian field, the University of Findlay also provides horse owners the opportunity to send their horse to college.  Kristina Schneider, a junior, majoring in Western Equestrian… Read more »

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