Ag groups urge House to move quickly on TPA

Several national farm groups are urging the House of Representatives to act quickly to approve Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation after the Senate passed it late Friday. In a statement released following the vote, American Farm Bureau president Bob Stallman said, “Congressional support is critical to breaking down trade barriers and completing ambitious new trade agreements… Read more »

Renewable Fuels Standard due June 1.

The Environmental Protection Agency is supposed to finally deliver a Renewable Fuels Standard by June 1st.  They are to announce the proposed standards for 2014, 2015 and 2016.  Renewable Fuels Association senior vice president Geoff Cooper says EPA and the White House have been very quiet on this so they have no idea what the… Read more »

A little decline ahead of the long weekend

Cash cheese nudged a little higher while everything else was a little lower in the dairy markets on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Friday. For the week, cash cheese barrels are down a quarter-cent, blocks lost 3 cents, butter fell 8.25 cents and nonfat dry milk is a quarter-cent higher.  Class III futures for June… Read more »

Wide-ranging weather across the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, Frost Advisories or Freeze Warnings were in effect in many areas from North Dakota to Michigan. However, Wednesday morning’s freeze was limited to northernmost corn and soybean production areas, where little, if any, summer crop emergence has occurred. Very cool weather is slowing crop development throughout the Midwest, while a chilly… Read more »

Is multi-hybrid planting in your future?

If variability in your fields is costing you bushels and dollars at harvest time, then multi-hybrid planting—placing specific hybrids at optimum zones in the field—may be part of the solution. Keaton Krueger is an ag technology specialist with Winfield.  He’s been working with Iowa-based SciMax Solutions this spring on a multi-hybrid planting project.  They’ve used… Read more »

Preserve the culture

Commentary. Not unlike school kids anxious to be released into the “wilds” of summertime, I am counting the hours until my vacation begins.  Memorial Day week-end is upon us and there is much to do before the picnics and parties. It is sad to think that there are many people who have little to no… Read more »

Organic food confusion/skepticism

Do consumers buy into organic foods?  SuperMarket News says a new survey by Mintel shows consumers don’t understand the meaning of organic labels. Their report found that 51% of organic food and beverage shoppers surveyed believe labeling something organic is an excuse to charge more. Nearly 40% said organic was a marketing term with no definition… Read more »

Walmart, welcome to our world

Walmart announced May 22 a “new” position on animal welfare.  Perhaps the position is new to Walmart; it reflects business as usual for U.S. animal agriculture. In any case, I commend the company.  In addition, Walmart publicly stated this week its policy on the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture.  Again, nothing game-changing in the… Read more »

NPPC’s reaction to Walmart’s announcement

In response to Walmart’s announcement of stricter guidelines around animal welfare and the use of antibiotics in farm animals, the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) released the following statement: “The National Pork Producers Council applauds Walmart’s commitment, announced today, to sustainable and responsible farming, which America’s pork producers make every day. By using antibiotics responsibly… Read more »

Agriculture needs innovation, collaboration and leadership

With a career that includes time at Oscar Mayer, Johnsonville and Con Agra; Chris Salm and his brothers formed Salm Partners in 2004.  Utilizing a new, innovative process and a partnership philosophy, Salm Partners has become the largest cooked-in-package sausage maker in the country.  Chris says that is the kind of innovation that agriculture will… Read more »

Agriculture scores legislative victories

Indiana Farm Bureau’s director of state government relations Katrina Hall says agriculture should be happy with the outcome of this year’s legislative session.  She says IFB had four legislative priorities this year – the highest was farmland tax relief.  “While bills won’t go down necessarily, the measure that was passed will stop the bleeding,” she… Read more »

What draws people to rodeo?

The collegiate rodeo season is drawing to a close with student athletes hoping to get their point totals high enough to be winners.  It’s a sport for both men and women.  In fact, Bridger Chytka, the rodeo coach at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture, tells Brownfield it may not be evenly split, with team… Read more »

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