JBS to buy Cargill’s pork operations

JBS USA Pork has entered into an agreement to buy Cargill’s U.S. pork business for $1.45 billion.  Included in the acquisition is Cargill’s processing plants in Ottumwa, Iowa and Beardstown, Illinois.  Those plants processed 9.3 million hogs in 2014.  JBS also gets Cargill’s five feed mills in Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa and Texas and four hog… Read more »

Woodall: Brazilian, Argentine beef imports political

Colin Woodall of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says the USDA’s decision to allow beef imports from parts of Brazil and Argentina is political. “This is a case where our own government was looking out more for a foreign entity than it was for their domestic producers,” Woodall told Brownfield Ag News Wednesday. The USDA… Read more »

Cash cheese slips ahead of the three-day weekend

Cash cheese prices declined on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Thursday.  Cheddar barrels were 1.25 cents lower and blocks declined 1.75 cents.  Class III futures slipped as well.  Butter gained a penny and nonfat dry milk held steady. More reports of skim milk being dumped in the Northeastern United States.  Bloomberg says dairies in the… Read more »

Weather Hazards Outlook, July 4 – 15, 2015

Here is a look at some of the potential or ongoing weather hazards and headlines ahead in the days to come: Much above-normal temperatures for parts of the Northwest, Sat-Wed, Jul 4-8. Heavy rain for parts of eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the Tennessee River Valley, Sat, Jul 4. Heavy rain extending from parts of the… Read more »

From one extreme to another this forage season

Lisa Behnken is a crop specialist with the University of Minnesota Extension service, based in Rochester.  In her state and other parts of the Midwest, she calls the beginning of the forage season interesting and challenging. “Some people were able to get first crop done very early; they hit a window in May.  (For) others… Read more »

Weather woes

Commentary. It’s dry. Bone dry. The kind of dry that I remember from my childhood when the jimson weed leaves were curled, the grass crispy, and it hurt my nose to breathe in the hot air. That was the opening paragraph in the column I wrote for this page three years ago today.  The story… Read more »

July is Hot Dog Month

Are hot dogs healthy?  I’m Julie Harker with Healthy Living on Brownfield. On the Fourth of July holiday – many of us don’t ask that question. But so you know, Eric Mittenthal with the North American Meat Institute and the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, says ‘yes’. HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM – National Hot Dog… Read more »

“Spinning Food” Out of Control

Friends of the Earth (FOE) this week unveiled “Spinning Food,” a 62-page issue manifesto/pity party, and the most naïve publication I’ve ever seen created by an activist group.  Sent to the media and subtitled “how food industry front groups and covert communications are shaping the story of food,” this overwritten whine is supposed to be… Read more »

The Balance GT Experience Tour

  The Balance GT Experience Tour 2015 will provide growers an opportunity to learn more about the “Balance GT Soybean Performance System”. Field day events, presented by Bayer CropScience and MS Technologies, will be held at nine locations across the Soybean Belt in July. Balance GT soybeans will be tolerant to glyphosate and isoxaflutole, the… Read more »

House Ag Committee heads to the Thumb

  The Michigan House Ag Committee is taking its committee hearings on the road next week.  Monday a public hearing is scheduled in Sanilac County in Michigan’s Thumb. Chairman Dan Lauwers says they hope to have three or four more hearings in agricultural communities throughout the year.  “With a committee hearing, you’re putting an open… Read more »

Breyer model horses

Celebrating 65 years of Breyer model horses. Chances are, you, or someone you know has at least one Breyer model horse on a dresser or in a curio cabinet. So what makes Breyer model horses so popular? Kathleen Fallon is V.P. of Communications for Reeves International, the parent company of Breyer. Audio: Kathleen Fallon, V.P…. Read more »

EPA hearing on the RFS & Rally for Rural America

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