Is the milk price cycle shifting?

A dairy business specialist says current dairy market conditions are starting to shift traditional price cycles. Farm lender and Vita Plus Business Development Manager Gary Sipiorski tells Brownfield since 1983 when milk supports were eliminated, the dairy industry has averaged a three year price cycle of highs and lows.  “That’s when we started to see… Read more »

Meat Matters campaign conveys virtues

The Animal Ag Alliance has an answer to the so-called Meatless Monday campaign with its new Meat Matters campaign. “You might be familiar with the Meatless Monday’s movement. It’s backed by a lot of activist groups and really they want to reduce the amount of meat and poultry on our plates and they want to… Read more »

A quiet days worth of weather

Across the Corn Belt, generally dry weather prevails. A substantial snow cover remains in place across roughly the northwestern half of the Corn Belt. On the Plains, snow showers are occurring in Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska. Meanwhile, winter wheat’s protective snow cover has eroded across the northern Plains, where a high-wind event is underway. Despite… Read more »

Cattle industry prepares for new antibiotic restrictions

Changes to the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD), which will take effect in 2017, will require veterinarians to sign off on drug use in feed.  While it’s not expected to have a major impact on beef production overall, Kansas State University veterinarian Dr. Brian Lubbers says it will, in many cases, require improved communications between producers, their veterinarian… Read more »

Be prepared to vote

Commentary. Like everyone else over these past few weeks and months, radio and television campaign ads, editorials in print and online publications, an avalanche of political satire and quite often mean-spirited debate on social media sites – not to mention dreaded “robo-calls” have become part of our daily lives. These political messages support candidates for… Read more »

The history of the buffalo wing

If buffalos don’t have wings, where do “Buffalo Wings” come from?  Tom Super with the National Chicken Council says Buffalo Wings go back to 1964 in Buffalo, New York. HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM – The making of Buffalo Wings  

You gotta love Iowa…

National pollsters hate trying to handicap the Iowa caucuses – they almost always get the end result wrong – but you have to hand it to the folks in Iowa because their caucuses never fail to surprise.  The first-in-the-nation February 1 candidate confabs were no exception, boasting record turnout – an estimated 350,000 participated –… Read more »

What do consumers want?

The Center for Food Integrity says consumers want to know about the ethics of agriculture, not the science. Executive Director Terry Fleck tells Brownfield their 2015 consumer research survey on transparency found that consumers are most concerned about food safety, diet and health, and farming practices. “People really want to speak to farmers—they trust farmers… Read more »

Balance GT update from the Iowa Power Farming Show

In a phone interview from the Iowa Power Farming Show, MS Technologies brand manager Lindsey Seitz gives us a update on the new Balance GT soybean performance system. According to Seitz, the Balance GT system will initially be a double-herbicide tolerant trait stack featuring a new form of glyphosate tolerance for soybeans, coupled with tolerance… Read more »

Missouri lawmakers block ag land tax increase

The Missouri legislature has passed a resolution blocking the state tax commission from raising property taxes by five-percent more on ag lands. Southwest Missouri Senator Mike Parsons told reporters he’s pleased it has passed, “People like the tax commission want to increase taxes on farmland because they say it’s a low rate. Just keep one… Read more »

ASPCA’s rich history in horses

The Jacque Schultz, senior director of The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Equine Fund says horses have been a part of the organizations mission from the very beginning. Audio: Jacque Schultz, senior director, ASPCA Equine Fund

Ag issues in the 2016 Presidential Election (with O. Kay Henderson)
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