Manure, not just a waste product

An agricultural consultant says manure is livestock farmers’ most valuable resource. James DeYoung with CJD Farms Consulting in Michigan helps farmers develop Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans, or CNMPs, to properly utilize and manage nutrients.  He tells Brownfield farmers need to see manure not as a waste product, but as a nutrient resource. “It’s no secret… Read more »

A good week for butter and nonfat dry milk

More increased for butter and nonfat dry milk at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Friday. Butter gained a quarter-cent and NFDM added 3 cents. Cheddar cheese blocks slipped a half-cent and Class III futures were lower to reflect that. For the week, cash cheese barrels gained 7 cents, blocks slipped a half-cent, butter increased 11.25… Read more »

A much wetter pattern to evolve across the Heartland

Much cooler air will arrive at mid-week in the Pacific Coast States and spread eastward, reaching the Rockies and northern High Plains by week’s end. The remainder of the U.S. will continue to experience summerlike warmth, with temperatures topping 100° at least as far north as South Dakota through September 3. Meanwhile, shower activity will… Read more »

The beef industry’s ‘critical crossroads’

The U.S. beef industry is at a critical crossroads. So says Glynn Tonsor, a livestock economist at Kansas State University. “We’ve had abnormally high cattle prices the last several years, and the core reasons for that are both tight supplies and strong beef demand,” Tonsor says. “But I think we’re at a crossroads in the… Read more »

Farmer kinship runs deep

Commentary. We do not all have to use the same color or horsepower of tractor.  We don’t have to plant the same brand of seed or use the same crop inputs or apply the same amount of NPK and micronutrients to our soils.  As a matter of fact, we’re a whole lot more productive farmers… Read more »

Celebrity moms and Science moms on GMO labeling

There are celebrity moms making their voices known about their desire for mandatory labeling of GMO foods. And then there are scientist and science-based moms who are responding in a letter to those celebrities.  Kavin Senapathy, co-founder of March Against Myths, is not a scientist but writes about science. She says like the actresses they, too, are moms… Read more »

They’re back!

Congress returns from its summer vacation September 8, tanned, rested, its 15% public approval rating in hand – President Obama’s is 46% — and about 45 work days until the scheduled December 18 adjournment of this first year of the 114th Congress.  There’s a whole lot of stuff to get done in that month and… Read more »

Urban dwellers, farmers ‘rub elbows’ in Iowa

  There are many great programs in place, all across the U.S., that are helping the non-farming public gain a better understanding of where their food comes from, how it’s produced, and the everyday challenges faced by farmers and ranchers. One of those programs is the Iowa Food & Family Project (IFFP). That group recently took a… Read more »

Case IH focuses on productivity

From more efficient combines to Case IH’s Advanced Farming Systems – the Case IH Exhibit at the Farm Progress Show is all about farmer productivity. Case IH is unveiling its new Optum tractors this week.  Dave Bogan, Case IH Marketing Manager says the tractor has great offerings for large haying operations as well as row… Read more »

Day Two of Farmfest all about ag policy

The focus of day two at Farmfest next week has to do with policy issues important to agriculture. Kent Thiesse helped plan the seminar schedule and says Mark Schultz of Northstar Commodities will kick things off Wednesday morning by talking about the grain and livestock markets. The forum at 10:30 is called Addressing Key Ag… Read more »

Equine industry beginning to recover

A survey of nearly 11,000 horse owners is showing some very promising findings. Kate Russo, Equine vaccine brand manager at Zoetis, who sponsored the survey, says compared to similar surveys in 2010 and 2012 the equine industry is showing signs of stability and growth. Audio: Kate Russo, Equine vaccine brand manager, Zoetis

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