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Historic lows in cattle on feed report

USDA’s latest cattle on feed report includes some historic lows. Placements during August 2014 were 1.720 million head, down 3% from August 2013, and the lowest for the month since the series of reports started in 1996. That’s due to the very tight supply of feeder cattle, good grazing conditions, and expectations for better wheat… Read more »

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A strong finish for a strong week

Cash cheese barrels increased three-quarter cent on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Friday, blocks were 4 cents higher, nonfat dry milk added 2 cents and butter set yet another record-high price at $3.06 per pound. For the week, cash butter is up 6 cents, cheddar barrels are 9.5 cents higher and blocks gained a dime… Read more »


Dry weather favoring late-season development in the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, dry weather continues to assist late-developing corn and soybeans push toward maturity. However, showers are encroaching on northwestern production areas, including the eastern Dakotas. On the Plains, rain showers in the vicinity of a cold front stretch from the Dakotas into Wyoming. The northern Plains’ rain is slowing winter wheat planting… Read more »


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Good times in the cattle business

“One for the ages!” That’s how CattleFax senior market analyst Kevin Good describes the run of record high cattle prices in 2014.  So how long can the good times last?  We posed that question to Good at the recent Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Denver. AUDIO: Kevin Good (3:00 MP3)

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Enjoy a safe and abundant harvest

The doctor who took the stiches out told me it might take a year to get all of the feeling back in my finger.  It could have been much worse.  There were no broken bones.  The cut was deep, thus the nerve damage, but I was able to stop the bleeding in short order and… Read more »

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Eat Thin to lose/maintain weight

Thin eating habits can be practiced and learned.  Jo-Ann Heslin, registered dietitian and author, has a list of Thin Eating habits we all can turn into our habits. Eat slowly, stretch your meal to at least 10 minutes – to make sure those signals of fullness get from your belly to your brain. Leave serving dishes… Read more »

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Climate Change Corporate Challenge

Anyone who’s been on the planet longer than 15 or 20 years can’t deny the weather of the last few years has been odd, and in some cases, a little scary.  Droughts are more widespread and last longer; some parts of the country seem to be constantly underwater.  This summer, at least in Washington, DC,… Read more »

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Visiting with Plains Equipment Group at HHD

On the John Deere lot at Husker Harvest Days, we met up with three employees of Plains Equipment Group, who gave us an update on some of the new equipment and programs being offered by Plains Equipment Group and John Deere. Mike Mackie, district manager for the Elkhorn/Gretna/David City locations, talked about the new 4WD… Read more »

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GSI introduces new products

GSI revealed two new products this year at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, IA.  New products included their new 40-Series Corrugated grain bin and the VersaLoop Round Tube chain conveyor. These products are aimed to increase storage capacity, handle heavier loads and improve efficiency during harvest.  Greg Trame, GSI Global Product Manager for Grain… Read more »


State Legislature

Hearing examines work opportunities for SNAP recipients

The House Agriculture Committee held a hearing Wednesday to review implementation of state pilot projects under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  One of the reforms in the 2014 Farm Bill included new employment and training pilot projects.  To open the hearing, Committee Chairman Frank Lucas of Oklahoma said that although the unemployment rate has come… Read more »

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Thinking and breathing with your horse

Mark Rashid is an author, singer and horse trainer.  He travels the country, teaching horses to think and then teaching riders to think like the horse.  It all starts with breathing.


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