USDA extends safety net program sign-up

Earlier today, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack provided farm owners with an additional week to make their safety net program selection and update their yield history and base acres. USDA Farm Service Agency administrator Val Dolcini says these programs are important decision for producers.  “These programs help protect farmers from unexpected changes in the marketplace,” he… Read more »

Avian flu impacting largest turkey producing state

Avian flu has reached the nation’s largest turkey producing state, killing more than 15,000 commercial birds according to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. US Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says the challenge is to maintain the circumstances when they are discovered through biosecurity measures. Water birds like ducks and geese carry the avian flu but it… Read more »

Cheese and butter move higher

Cash cheese and butter moved higher on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Friday with Class III futures responding accordingly. For the week, cash cheese barrels gained 2.5 cents, blocks are steady, butter increased 7.25 cents and nonfat dry milk is unchanged. Class III futures for March and April added 3 cents, May increased 34 cents… Read more »

Winter-like chill across the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, very cool, mostly dry weather prevails. Friday morning’s low temperatures dipped below 20° in the northern Corn Belt, from the eastern Dakotas to parts of Michigan. On the Plains, mostly dry weather prevails. However, lingering cool weather across the eastern Plains contrasts with warm, breezy conditions on the High Plains. Despite… Read more »

Riding the storm out

The financial outlook for crop producers over the next several months is not looking very bright at the present time. And many ag lenders have been working with their farmer-customers this winter to put them in a better position to withstand the latest downturn in the ag economy. Bob Campbell, a senior vice president with Omaha-based Farm Credit Services of… Read more »

A special Make-a-Wish

Over the years, I’ve listened to stories, watched videos and seen many photographs about the subject of today’s column.  Hers is a story that should make all of us in agriculture proud.  I’m turning over the reins for the column today to someone who knows this story from a very personal perspective. Meghan Grebner is… Read more »

Know your wild mushrooms

Spring mushroom hunting season is starting up in the Midwest but beware the poisonous mushroom. Chris Wright is a mushroom expert in Michigan and he trains people to hunt mushrooms that are non-poisonous.  Without training, he says, you shouldn’t eat what you hunt. Mushrooms that are NOT poisonous are good for you, he says, with a variety of… Read more »

White House Plays Catch-Up on Antibiotics in Ag

The White House is set to release today (March 27) a report called by Reuters “ambitious,” a 60-page plan to “slow the growing and deadly problem of antibiotic resistance.”  While the report focuses on taking down so-called “superbug” infection rates over five years, one chunk of the report contains instructions to FDA and USDA to… Read more »

Solution for “Huge problem” for cattle producers

Missouri is one of many states where toxic fescue has taken a bite out of the beef industry. University of Missouri Extension Forage Specialist Craig Roberts says farmers need to replace Kentucky-31, or K-31 tall fescue with non-toxic fescue, “It’s the most serious and devastating forage livestock disorder in the United States.” The so-called “Fescue… Read more »

EPA registration for FMC’s Capture® 3RIVE 3D™

A new insecticide formulation from FMC has received EPA registration. It is designed to help growers fight corn rootworm and other corn pests. Matt Hancock, corn segment manager for FMC, tells Brownfield Ag News, that field trials of Capture® 3RIVE 3D™ have been very successful, “Utilizing the foam we are seeing the same type of… Read more »

Ohio House and Senate pass SB1

Legislation to address water quality and nutrient management issues in the state has passed. The Ohio Senate and House of Representatives on Wednesday, March 25, passed SB1, a bill that Tommy Price of Putnam County, President of the Ohio Soybean Association (OSA) says they support because of its science-based approach to addressing the issues. “We… Read more »

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