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Cattle placements up 1%

  USDA’s cattle on feed numbers came out close to pre-report expectations and, as expected, showed an increase in placements. During September, placements of cattle in to the feedlots were 2.071 million head, up 1% on the year, thanks to the record cash prices and lower feed costs. Most of the placements were on heavier… Read more »

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Dairy markets continue to slide

A “down” day to finish a “down” week on the Chicago Mercantile dairy markets on Friday.  Cash cheese barrels lost another 6.75 cents, blocks slipped 1.75 cents and butter dropped 9 cents. For the week: cash cheese barrels have lost 14.75 cents, blocks dropped 14.75 cents, butter fell 19 cents and nonfat dry milk lost… Read more »


Harvest delays apparent

Across the Corn Belt, cloudy, showery, chilly weather is hampering fieldwork in the lower Great Lakes region. In contrast, warm, dry weather prevails in the western Corn Belt. On October 19, the corn harvest ranged from 9 to 34 percentage points behind the respective 5-year state averages in the Corn Belt, while the soybean harvest… Read more »


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Should you sell or should you grow?

Many cow-calf producers have a big decision to make this fall.  Sell the calves and cash in on record prices?  Or invest and build the cowherd? Aaron Berger, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension educator shares some of his thoughts on that topic. AUDIO: Aaron Berger  

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Midterm elections are important

Commentary. I heard on the radio on my way to town the other day that voter turn-out in the upcoming general election is expected to be light because “there are no major controversies or hotly contested races on the ballot.”  I was taken aback by this statement coming from a local prognosticator who understands the… Read more »

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What to feed babies on vegetarian/vegan diets

Registered Dietitian Andrea Giancolli says parents need to make careful choices for their newborns if they are to be on vegetarian or vegan diets. For one, she says, if babies are born to vegan moms and they are not breast fed, those moms need to feed their babies soy-based formula. As babies transition to solid foods,… Read more »

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Hearing examines work opportunities for SNAP recipients

The House Agriculture Committee held a hearing Wednesday to review implementation of state pilot projects under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  One of the reforms in the 2014 Farm Bill included new employment and training pilot projects.  To open the hearing, Committee Chairman Frank Lucas of Oklahoma said that although the unemployment rate has come… Read more »

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