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WTO COOL decision doesn’t favor U.S.

The World Trade Organization has ruled that the U.S. has not done enough to change its meat labeling rules in light of the WTO’s decision on Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) complaints brought by Canada and Mexico. The countries complain that the rule treats Canadian and Mexican livestock exports to the U.S. less favorably than… Read more »

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Monday midday cash livestock markets

Cattle country is quiet on Monday with bids and asking prices not fully established as packers and producers are busy taking inventory. An active trade took place on Wednesday of last week with both live and dressed prices generally steady with the previous week at 164.00 live and 256.00 to 258.00 dressed. Significant trade volume… Read more »


Favorable harvest weather in many areas

Across the Corn Belt, scattered showers associated with a cold front are slowing fieldwork in the Ohio Valley and the lower Great Lakes region. Elsewhere in the Midwest, dry weather favors corn and soybean dry down and harvesting. Conditions for harvest are especially favorable across the upper Midwest. On the Plains, warm, dry weather is… Read more »


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Midterm elections are important

Commentary. I heard on the radio on my way to town the other day that voter turn-out in the upcoming general election is expected to be light because “there are no major controversies or hotly contested races on the ballot.”  I was taken aback by this statement coming from a local prognosticator who understands the… Read more »

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Farm to School brings kale to kids

This is Farm to School month. So, what does that mean?  Wisconsin’s Alice in Dairyland, Zoey Brooks, says Farm to School is multiple agencies working to get foods from local farms into schools and classrooms. Part of it is introducing kids to foods they might not have tried, like kale. HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM – Farm to… Read more »

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DiFlexx™ in Bayer ’15 line-up

Bayer Crop Science is introducing DiFlexx™, a new Dicamba product for corn for 2015. Jeff Springsteen, Senior Product Manager for Bayer Crop Science, tells Brownfield that DiFlexx has “an extremely wide window of application.”  It is described as a fast and effective control of broadleaf weeds with residual with a superior safener for improved crop safety… Read more »


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Hearing examines work opportunities for SNAP recipients

The House Agriculture Committee held a hearing Wednesday to review implementation of state pilot projects under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  One of the reforms in the 2014 Farm Bill included new employment and training pilot projects.  To open the hearing, Committee Chairman Frank Lucas of Oklahoma said that although the unemployment rate has come… Read more »

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Know You, Know Your Horse

Eunice Rush loves horses, and with more than a half-century of equine experience, she feels qualified to help others choose their best mount.  Her book, “Know You, Know Your Horse” focuses on matching horse and rider.  It’s all in the personality, says Rush, a firm believer in identifying horse personality characteristics to better choose, train,… Read more »


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