Dry winter not a reason to worry

  It has been a relatively dry winter around much of the Midwest. However, Iowa State University Climatologist Elwynn Taylor tells Brownfield that, overall, subsoil moisture is actually quite good, “The soil moisture outlook right now we consider excellent, even though the winter’s been dry. That moisture will still be there at planting time and… Read more »

Missouri corn growers push for higher hauling limits

Missouri corn growers lobbied state lawmakers for higher grain hauling limits Tuesday.  The current limit is 80,000 pounds, but Missouri Corn Growers President Kevin Hurst says members favor a year-round exemption for grain, allowing weights that many other states have. “Most of [surrounding states] run 85,500 pounds or better, and we would like to be… Read more »

Midday cash livestock market

It is pretty much the same old story in cattle country on Wednesday with bids and asking prices still not well defined. A few showlists have been priced around 162.00 in the South and 260.00 plus in the North. It is always possible to see some mid-week trade, but significant business will probably wait until… Read more »

An active pattern for the Plains, Corn Belt

For the remainder of Wednesday, the lingering effects of a departing coastal storm will continue to wind down across New England. However, a fast-moving disturbance will produce additional snow—albeit mostly light—in the Great Lakes and Northeastern States Thursday and Friday. Meanwhile, a developing storm will result in widespread precipitation in the Southwest, starting on Friday…. Read more »

Never a better time to be involved in agriculture

Dr. Lowell Catlett, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at New Mexico State University says there’s never been a better time to be involved in agriculture. Catlett says for agriculture the stars are aligned and it started when people around the world began having more money. Audio: Dr. Lowell Catlett, New… Read more »

Supper at school

With the passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act in 2010, some schools across the United States began participating in a federally subsidized after school meal plan.  Today there are schools in all 50 states that feed children breakfast, lunch and an evening meal.  Last year, 104 million suppers were served to children at school…. Read more »

How to safely freeze meat

How do you freeze meat?  There’s a right way and a wrong way. In this Healthy Living, we find out from Jeannean Schweihofer, a meat quality extension educator with Michigan State University. HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM – How to freeze meat (1:30 mp3):  

It’s all about trade

It seems these days every political agenda is all about trade as the silver bullet to jump start a lackluster U.S. economy.  When it comes to the collectively oppressed economies of some European nations, Japan and a big part of South America, the value of expanded world trade takes on even greater significance. Currently, the… Read more »

Beef checkoff working group reports ‘progress’

After three years of negotiations, the group tasked with finding ways to improve the current beef checkoff is reporting “progress”. The Beef Checkoff Enhancement Working Group has drafted a memorandum of understanding (MOU) outlining proposed changes to the program. Scott Stuart, CEO of the National Livestock Producers Association, serves as the co-facilitator of the working… Read more »

Cargill’s focus on food safety

Cargill Food Safety and Quality Director Randal Giroux says more and more branded food companies want more and more transparency and Cargill is providing that. Cargill supplies a wide range of food products for companies to use in their final food products. Giroux says Cargill is committed to food safety from the farm to the… Read more »

Missouri Ag Bill advances

The Missouri Senate Agriculture committee has advanced a broad reaching agriculture bill this week. Committee chair Brian Munzlinger says it contains the important dairy provision to help grow the state’s dairy industry but does not contain the deer provision – the reason for Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of the bill last year, “I hope that… Read more »

Think and breathe with the horse

Mark Rashid is an author, singer and horse trainer. His horse training method is to get the horse to think and then get the rider to think like the horse…and breathe.  Mark talks about his method. Visit Mark’s website here:  

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