Brexit vote has markets on edge

A commodity broker says the UK’s vote yesterday to exit the European Union jolted the global market place. Pete Manhart owner of Illinois based Bates Commodities says it’s been a wild day in the financials and that has carried over into the rest of the markets including commodities.  “Beans at one time were down 26,… Read more »

Cheese stocks hit record in May

High production levels and increased international competition continued to push U.S. cheese stocks to record levels for another straight month. At the end of May, the USDA says cheese stocks, at 1.2 billion pounds, were up 12 percent on the year and the highest total for that month since 1917. Butter came out at almost 325… Read more »

Closing Grain and Livestock Futures: June 24, 2016

Jul. corn closed at $3.84 and 1/2, down 2 and 3/4 cents Jul. soybeans closed at $11.03, down 21 and 1/2 cents Jul. soybean meal closed at $375.60, down $7.60 Jul. soybean oil closed at 30.99, down 76 points Jul. wheat closed at $4.54 and 3/4, up 1/2 cent Jun. live cattle closed at $114.70, down $2.05 Jul. lean hogs closed at $84.05, down 22 cents Jul. crude… Read more »

An active pattern resumes

A disturbance currently over the western Corn Belt will track east along a stalled frontal boundary, producing a swath of moderate to heavy rain (1 to 3 inches, locally more) from the lower Great Lakes into the Mid-Atlantic States. Somewhat spottier showers will develop south of the front from the middle Mississippi Valley into the… Read more »

Silage in cattle feeding sees resurgence

The use of silage in cattle feeding rations has seen a resurgence in recent years.  It was the focus of a recent conference  in eastern Nebraska where producers received updates on both the production of and the utilization of silage in cattle finishing operations.  On today’s program, we hear from Dr. Bob Charley, forage products… Read more »

Animal welfare or PR game?

Commentary. If animal rights activist groups truly cared about the welfare of farm animals they would do a lot of things differently. There’s a television program that many of you have probably seen that places unwitting people in scenarios where their conscience is challenged.   Actors are used to set the stage while hidden cameras roll. … Read more »

The power of blueberries

You may have heard blueberries are a super fruit, but what makes them super healthy?  New research by the University of Florida says consumers know blueberries are good for them, but they don’t know all of their advantages. HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM – Blueberry perceptions More on University of Florida study  

It’s time for a congressional “time out”

Commentary. There’s nothing that communicates to the world the dignity of the U.S. House of Representatives like a and one-party sit-in on the House floor, in violation of chamber rules, cat-calling the Speaker and broadcasting these playground antics from various and sundry member cellphones. The scenario just described played out this week when House Speaker… Read more »

Wisconsin dairy group spotlights water quality

A dairy industry leader says water quality tours are improving relationships between agriculture and rural communities. Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin Executive Director Shelly Meyer tells Brownfield water quality tours this summer are opening the dialog between agriculture and local communities.  “Farmers are doing a lot of really cool innovative things that our municipalities can… Read more »

Enogen sponsors NASCAR XFINITY race in Iowa

Enogen is the sponsor of this weekend’s NASCAR XFINITY American Ethanol E15 250 race at the Iowa Speedway near Newton, Iowa. It’s the fourth year that Enogen has sponsored a NASCAR event at the Iowa Speedway. We visited with the head of Enogen, Jack Bernens, about their involvement with the NASCAR event.  Bernens also provides an… Read more »

Michigan horse racing legislation revised

The Michigan House of Representatives has updated horse racing legislation and is awaiting approval in the state Senate. Chairman of the House Ag Committee Dan Lauwers tells Brownfield the committee added a horse racing advisory committee which will include the Michigan Department of Agriculture, a veterinarian, and representatives from statewide horse racing associations, racetracks and… Read more »

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