GDT drops further

Another 9.3 percent decline in the overall index at the Global Dairy Trade auction Tuesday morning. This is the tenth-consecutive decline putting the index at a record-low 514. The index has lost 451 points since March 3rd and 891 since a year ago. There was a 0.2 percent increase in the cheddar cheese price compared… Read more »

Dairy markets quiet despite another GDT drop

Despite another drop at the Global Dairy Trade auction, U.S. dairy markets were quiet on Tuesday. Cash cheese barrels gained a quarter-cent on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, blocks lost 1.75 cents, butter was steady and nonfat dry milk increased a penny. Class III futures were narrowly mixed. Another 9.3 percent drop in the overall index… Read more »

Soybeans mostly higher, corn firm

  Soybeans were mostly higher on commercial buying. Most contracts saw a bounce, with additional support from a higher close in China’s stock market heading into the U.S. session. The crop is in good shape overall with development close to average. The lightly traded August contract was modestly lower. The trade is watching the weather,… Read more »

Favorable weather continues across the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, warm, dry weather is promoting a rapid crop development pace. In addition, current conditions are helping to ease the effects of lingering wetness across the southern and eastern Corn Belt. On the Plains, warm, dry weather prevails, aside from scattered showers in western Oklahoma and neighboring areas. Overall conditions remain mostly… Read more »

Risk management tools

  The manager of the product development team at the CME Group says risk management tools continue to evolve. And Dave Lehman, Managing Director of Agricultural Research and Product Development at says there are a number of those risk management tools available that farmers are embracing.  

Take responsibility for your actions

Commentary. I think I could write a book about the crazy things that happen in my daily life.  I could at least write a sad country song.  I have already penned the first verse:  “I got rear-ended in the drive-thru at my local Chick-fil-A. . “ Not only did the man who drove his uncle’s… Read more »

Farmers Market Week – Part 1

There are thousands of farmers markets throughout the U.S. and the numbers keep growing. A main goal of the National Farmers Market Coalition is to provide consumers with access to fresh, nutritious, local produce. How do you know if it’s all those things?  Ask the grower at every market where you intend to buy. And what… Read more »

Beating multinationals at the climate change game

This has been a week of subtle rumblings regarding climate change.  The White House held a ceremony for multinational corporations “pledging” to do the right thing, while the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, in stout bipartisan fashion, beat back a “provocative” amendment from presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, VT) to formally acknowledge climate… Read more »

Fed report hints at ‘growing risk’ in farm sector

There are signs of growing risk in the farm sector because of surging demand for farm operating loans. That’s according to the latest ag finance report from the Federal Reserve System. Nathan Kauffman who heads up the Omaha branch of the Kansas City Federal Reserve, tells Brownfield they’ve seen a steady increase in large operating loans over… Read more »

Breaking the parasite life cycle

At the recent Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Denver, we visited with Merial veterinarian Tom Van Dyke about the importance of effective parasite control in cattle. Van Dyke says Merial’s LONGRANGE is the first extended-release injectable cattle dewormer that provides cattle producers season-long persistent parasite control for 100 to 150 days in a single dose,… Read more »

Day Two of Farmfest all about ag policy

The focus of day two at Farmfest next week has to do with policy issues important to agriculture. Kent Thiesse helped plan the seminar schedule and says Mark Schultz of Northstar Commodities will kick things off Wednesday morning by talking about the grain and livestock markets. The forum at 10:30 is called Addressing Key Ag… Read more »

There’s still a lot of summer

Last week on Hoofbeat, Dr. Julie McGwin with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture talked with us about vaccinating horse for two mosquito borne illnesses, Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Virus. With still plenty of summer, Dr. McGwin says it’s in the horse owner’s best interest to eliminate those areas around the farm that could… Read more »

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