Governor orders 25% water use cut in California

California Governor Jerry Brown has issued an executive order mandating substantial water reductions across the state.  The Governor has directed the State Water Resources Control Board to implement mandatory 25 percent reductions in water usage in cities and towns. Agricultural users which have already idled thousands of acres will be required to report more water… Read more »

AgriBank issues dividend

St. Paul-based AgriBank has paid a quarterly cash dividend of $1.7188 per share on its 6.87 percent non-cumulative perpetual “Class A” preferred stock to holders of record as of March 1st, 2015. AgriBank issued $250 million of the preferred stock in October of 2013 to provide the Bank with long-term capital to serve its 15-state… Read more »

GDT and base milk prices push dairy markets

A little slip in the dairy markets on Wednesday: cash cheese barrels lost a half-cent and butter declined 2.5 cents.  Class III futures declined in response to the 10.8 percent drop in the overall index at the Global Dairy Trade auction on Wednesday.  There were significant declines in seven products offered with butter milk powder… Read more »

Severe Weather Outlook

A few strong to severe thunderstorms, capable of producing large hail and damaging winds, are expected Wednesday afternoon and evening from northern Kansas northeastward to southwest Minnesota. A more isolated risk of severe storms will extend southward across Oklahoma into western Arkansas and north Texas, with a separate area across northeast Florida and southeast Georgia…. Read more »

Growing a successful forage crop

For farmers planning to grow forages this spring, an extension specialist says there are six major things to take into consideration for a successful crop. Purdue’s Keith Johnson says establishing forages requires planning and attention to detail, but adds a great forage stand can provide healthy, sustainable, and cost-effective feed for livestock.

A special Make-a-Wish

Over the years, I’ve listened to stories, watched videos and seen many photographs about the subject of today’s column.  Hers is a story that should make all of us in agriculture proud.  I’m turning over the reins for the column today to someone who knows this story from a very personal perspective. Meghan Grebner is… Read more »

Soy foods in spotlight this month

More and more soyfoods are in the grocery store. April is Soy Foods month.  Nancy Chapman with the Soyfoods Association of North America says you can make simple swaps to get more soy into your diet. Soy foods are high in protein and other key nutrients. HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM – Soy foods month (1:30 mp3): Five… Read more »

White House Plays Catch-Up on Antibiotics in Ag

The White House is set to release today (March 27) a report called by Reuters “ambitious,” a 60-page plan to “slow the growing and deadly problem of antibiotic resistance.”  While the report focuses on taking down so-called “superbug” infection rates over five years, one chunk of the report contains instructions to FDA and USDA to… Read more »

Fescue fix for “Huge problem” for cattle producers

Missouri is one of many states where toxic fescue has taken a bite out of the beef industry. University of Missouri Extension Forage Specialist Craig Roberts says farmers need to replace Kentucky-31, or K-31 tall fescue with non-toxic fescue, “It’s the most serious and devastating forage livestock disorder in the United States.” The so-called “Fescue… Read more »

EPA registration for FMC’s Capture® 3RIVE 3D™

A new insecticide formulation from FMC has received EPA registration. It is designed to help growers fight corn rootworm and other corn pests. Matt Hancock, corn segment manager for FMC, tells Brownfield Ag News, that field trials of Capture® 3RIVE 3D™ have been very successful, “Utilizing the foam we are seeing the same type of… Read more »

Ohio House and Senate pass SB1

Legislation to address water quality and nutrient management issues in the state has passed. The Ohio Senate and House of Representatives on Wednesday, March 25, passed SB1, a bill that Tommy Price of Putnam County, President of the Ohio Soybean Association (OSA) says they support because of its science-based approach to addressing the issues. “We… Read more »

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