Prices paid, received up on month

U.S. farmers made and paid a little more in March than they did in February. The USDA says that the prices received index for ag products was up slightly on the month, with an increase for the livestock index cancelling out a decrease in crops. Compared to last year, the received and crop indices are… Read more »

Old crop soybeans, corn finish firm

Soybeans were mixed with nearby contracts up and deferred months down on the adjustment of old crop/new crop spreads. Parts of Argentina remain too wet to harvest and part of their soybean crop has been lost, maybe as much as 5%, according to Allendale and the Rosario Grain Exchange. Brazil’s still on pace for record… Read more »

Cool, wet weather impacting much of the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, cool, mostly dry weather prevails, although a few showers linger in the vicinity of the Great Lakes. The cool conditions are slowing the emergence and growth of recently planted corn. On the Plains, very cool weather prevails, except for lingering warmth in parts of Texas. Showers and thunderstorms have returned to… Read more »

Are we still in the ‘new era’ of corn and soybean prices?

Many ag economists think we entered a new era of corn and soybean prices back in 2007.  They believe the new era replaced the previous era that spanned from 1973 through 2006, primarily driven by demand shifts associated with rising biofuel production, particularly corn-based ethanol. So after the relatively low price period of recent years, is this new era of higher prices still… Read more »

Ethical reporters are not advocates

It is not the job of an ag news broadcaster or agricultural journalist to be an “advocate.”  A news reporter – ag or otherwise – who advocates for anything isn’t a very good news reporter. The depth and breadth of differences among farmers seems to be at an all-time high – at least in the… Read more »

A label for everyone

For more than a century American’s have been reading labels to learn about what’s in our food.  Senior researcher Erika Chance with the FoodThink study says consumers today are looking for certain details when they read food labels. HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM – FoodThink studies consumers interest in label claims Food and Drug Administration’s guide on food labels

The shame of food waste

The hottest “emerging” political food issue is waste.  In food-rich America, depending on which organization or group you talk with, somewhere between 30-40% of all food – 34 million tons – is “wasted,” meaning crops so unharvested, surpluses are trashed, restaurant meals half-eaten and foods purchased for the home are prematurely tossed out.  Consumer and… Read more »

GMO labeling challenging Congress

Senate Agriculture Committee leaders say they are working toward a compromise on GMO labeling. But committee ranking member Debbie Stabenow admits it’s one of the toughest issues she’s had to deal with. “This is tough. We’re working continually on this, trying to thread the needle, and I’m hopeful we can do that,” says Stabenow. “I think… Read more »

New defense against mastitis

A new defense against clinical mastitis has been approved which could help dairy farmers reduce antibiotic use. Veterinarian Dr. Paul Rapnicki with Elanco Animal Health tells Brownfield Imrestor helps reduce clinical mastitis within the first 30 days of calving.  “This is important because it’s not a treatment for clinical mastitis, but rather, what it does is… Read more »

Helping unwanted horses find homes

Help a horse day is this Tuesday. The ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Works to find shelter for local at-risk horses who’ve been abused, neglected or are homeless. In this Hoofbeat program, we hear from Jaque Schultz, senior director of the ASPCA’s Equine Fund.


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