Growing list of states suing EPA

There’s a growing list of states now suing the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers over the EPA’s Clean Water Act rule which expands the definition of ‘Waters of the United States.’ Ohio and Michigan are among the 18 states that have filed suit. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says the rule clearly violates both… Read more »

Farmers limited in field activity

Tractors are parked as standing water is drowning out field crops across the Midwest. Kevin Hoffman, DuPont Pioneer Account Manager for South Central Michigan, says farmers need relief from the continued rainfall.  He tells Brownfield, most field activity is probably done for a while. “I came by some fields yesterday, they’re tiled but they’re heavier… Read more »

Class III futures slip further

Cash cheese slipped a little more but butter and nonfat dry milk gained a little on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Monday.  Class III futures were lower with the July contract slipping under $16. The average U.S. all milk price for May is $16.70 per hundredweight up 20 cents from the April price.  Sixteen of… Read more »

A contrast of weather across the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, warm, dry weather favors rapid corn and soybean development across the upper Midwest. In contrast, cool, showery weather is maintaining unfavorably wet conditions in much of the eastern Corn Belt. On the Plains, hot weather in Montana favors winter wheat maturation and the rapid development of spring sown crops. Meanwhile on… Read more »

Difficult decisions still need to be made

For those farmers in the extremely wet areas, there are some difficult decisions to be made when it comes to corn and soybeans. Joe Nester of Nester Ag at Bryan, Ohio, says one of the difficulties is determining the amount of nutrients lost. Another problem, weed control. Audio: Joe Nester, Nester Ag, Bryan, Ohio

Weather woes

Commentary. It’s dry. Bone dry. The kind of dry that I remember from my childhood when the jimson weed leaves were curled, the grass crispy, and it hurt my nose to breathe in the hot air. That was the opening paragraph in the column I wrote for this page three years ago today.  The story… Read more »

Eggs still economical and nutritional value

Although prices have gone up, eggs are still a healthy value. Let’s say you pay $3.00 for a dozen eggs…that’s about 25 cents per egg. The American Egg Board says eggs are one of the most affordable sources of high quality protein you can buy. The nutritional value of eggs is well recognized. HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM… Read more »

TPA is not TPP

In Washington, DC, with just the addition of a verb and an object, you can easily construct a sentence that is 90% acronyms.  One of the great unsung talents on Capitol Hill is the ability give title to a new piece of legislation so that its name easily converts to an acronym that trips off… Read more »

The Balance GT Experience Tour

  The Balance GT Experience Tour 2015 will provide growers an opportunity to learn more about the “Balance GT Soybean Performance System”. Field day events, presented by Bayer CropScience and MS Technologies, will be held at nine locations across the Soybean Belt in July. Balance GT soybeans will be tolerant to glyphosate and isoxaflutole, the… Read more »

House Ag Committee heads to the Thumb

  The Michigan House Ag Committee is taking its committee hearings on the road next week.  Monday a public hearing is scheduled in Sanilac County in Michigan’s Thumb. Chairman Dan Lauwers says they hope to have three or four more hearings in agricultural communities throughout the year.  “With a committee hearing, you’re putting an open… Read more »

Operation Horses and Heroes – Pt. 2

Jerry Paulsen, Founder and President of Operation Horses and Heroes is back with us to share how veterans, those active in the military and their families can become involved. Last week in Part 1, Paulsen talked about how horses play a key role in their Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program. This week in Part 2, as… Read more »

EPA hearing on the RFS & Rally for Rural America

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