President Obama says for farmers, TPP is ‘really a big deal’

President Obama says the Trans-Pacific Partnership will remove trade barriers among the dozen participating countries.  The President says the agreement, announced Monday, will eliminate tariffs on U.S. poultry, beef, soybeans and fruit, to name a few.  He acknowledges opposition among some lawmakers, but points to provisions, such as Japan removing duties from 74 percent of its… Read more »

DFA remains the nation’s largest milk marketer

Dairy Farmers of America remains the largest milk marketer in the country by a large margin. The annual Top 50 dairy co-op list from Hoard’s Dairyman says DFA handled more than 45 billion pounds of milk from 8,768 farms in 2014. That amounts to nearly 22 percent of total U.S. milk production. Following DFA were… Read more »

GDT index up, CME cheese down

Cash cheese slid on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Tuesday, barrels lost 11 cents while blocks were down 6 cents. Class III futures were a little lower. Nonfat dry milk lost 3.25 cents and butter held steady. Another increase at the Global Dairy Trade auction Tuesday. The overall index increased 9.9 percent to the highest… Read more »

Mild weather pattern to persist

For the next few days, warm, dry weather will prevail in the Southeast. However, a few showers may return to the Carolinas during the weekend. Meanwhile, a storm system emerging from the Southwest could lead to 1- to 4-inch precipitation totals, as well as flash flooding, from central Arizona into the Rio Grande Valley. Farther… Read more »

Health care costly

Commentary. Late Sunday afternoon I recognized the symptoms of a sinus infection coming on, so took a Mucinex before going to bed that night.  When the symptoms not only persisted but worsened as my work week began, I thought it best to be proactive.  I stopped by the nearest “urgent care” clinic Monday afternoon.  The… Read more »

About those sprouted grains

Americans have been told to eat more whole grains for good health but what are sprouted grains and do they count? Best Food Facts says yes, they count.  Sprouted grains are whole grains or seeds that germinate and grow on their own. They are submerged in water and placed in the right conditions to sprout. … Read more »

Evangelicals, HSUS and the Animals

The Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) this week held an event at the National Press Club to announce the “Every Living Thing” initiative, an effort spawned by a 2011 meeting between HSUS and evangelical Christian leaders to, as HSUS President Wayne Pacelle put it, “develop a consensus among Christians on the need for human… Read more »

Ag Secretary discusses benefits of TPP

In a conference call with members of the media on Tuesday afternoon, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack discussed the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. Vilsack said TPP will provide a more level playing field in trade for American farmers.  By removing unfair trade barriers, Vilsack says, American agricultural exports to the region will expand even further…. Read more »

Agricultural lending landscape is changing

BASF partnered with Farm Credit to take a comprehensive look at the current agricultural lending landscape. Brady Spangenberg, BASF market intelligence manager says in times of tighter margins ag lenders are looking to growers prior years of success combined with their plan for the future.  

Truck weights limiting agriculture

Debates on acceptable truck weight limits are occurring at both the state and federal levels. The U.S. House has introduced the Safe, Flexible and Efficient (SAFE) Trucking Act to increase commercial truck weights, but Michigan legislators are trying to decrease current levels. Michigan Agri-Business Association President Jim Byrum tells Brownfield, Michigan currently has heavy truck… Read more »

The benefits of equine massage

Animal massage practitioner Hailey Hinson of Circleville, Ohio says while animal massage focuses on injury prevention, it’s at the end of the show season, or when the weather begins to cool in the fall when a massage can prove beneficial. Audio: Hailey Hinson, Animal Massage Practitioner

Farm Credit Services kicks off centennial celebration
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