Wisconsin levies fines for CIV violation

Roger C. Vogt, a farmer from Glen Haven, Wisconsin, and Duane VanderVeen, a cattle buyer and owner of Westview Cattle Company headquartered in Harris, Iowa, have agreed to pay forfeitures to the Grant County Court in Wisconsin.

An investigation began in August of 2013 when Michigan Department of Agriculture authorities notified Minnesota Board of Animal Health that tuberculosis (TB) exposed calves had been shipped from Westview’s gathering facility in Michigan to Minnesota and Iowa.  Further investigation by Minnesota found that 666 of the calves had instead been diverted to Vogt’s farm in Wisconsin during July and October of 2012 and held there for several months.

The cattle were not eligible to enter Wisconsin since they did not have a negative tuberculosis test, official identification and valid Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.

Vogt and VanderVeen were ordered to pay civil forfeitures totaling more than $1,500.

Follow-up TB testing was done on Vogt’s remaining cattle and all tests were negative.

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