Wisconsin Focus on Energy deadline approaching

Focus on Energy is running a program for small commercial and agricultural businesses in Wisconsin. MarkBergum is Project Engineer; he says on the farm a lot of it involves replacing lighting on dairies with 250 head or less. They can install energy efficient-lighting in the barns and the house. A lot of it involves free components along with some co-pays so “ultimately when you put the whole package together we’d expect customers to pay less than 30 percent of the installed cost of these items.” Bergum says the typical customer sees a payback of less than two years on their portion of the bill.

To get the ball started, Jenifer Brinker says all they have to do is call Focus on Energy at 800-762-7077. “We start off with an on-farm assessment, we are able to generate a report typically right there on site and provide the energy savings and payback information.” They will also let you know who the area electricians are who are working with the program so all installations are done by professionals.

One important note, funding for the incentives runs out on December 31st so the work needs to be done prior to that.

AUDIO:Bergum and Brinker talk about the program 4:25 mp3

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