U.S. milk production up 1.9% in June

U.S. milk production in June totaled 17.2 billion pounds up 1.9 percent from June of last year.  Production per cow averaged 1,863 and the dairy herd had 9.27 million cows.  Cow numbers not available for June of 2013 due to budget cuts.

Production in the 23 major dairy states up 2 percent from a year ago at 16.2 billion pounds.  There were 11,000 more cows in those states compared to last June and production per cow was 1,888; the highest production per cow for June since they started keeping track of this in 2003.  Of the 23 major dairy states, all but Ohio had an increase in production compared to a year ago.

For the first time this year, Wisconsin milk production was above year-ago levels at 2.3 billion pounds up 0.6 percent.  1.26 million cows produced an average 1,825 pounds of milk.  California milk production increased 1.7 percent to 3.5 billion pounds.  1.8 million cows in the Golden State produced an average 1,995 pounds of milk.

May milk production estimate was revised 25 million pounds higher to 18 billion pounds up 1.5 percent from May of 2013.

For the April-through-June quarter, U.S. milk production totaled 52.8 billion pounds up 1.6 percent compared to the second quarter of 2013.  The dairy herd averaged 9.25 million head up 39,000 from a year ago.

Read the full NASS report here:

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