Court’s RR alfalfa ruling expected in June

A Supreme Court decision on whether to set aside a temporary ban on the planting of Roundup Ready alfalfa is expected in June.

The court heard arguments from both sides last week in its first case dealing with genetically modified crops.  At issue is whether a federal judge went too far in banning the planting of Roundup Ready alfalfa in 2007. 

Monsanto’s chief technology officer, Dr. Rob Fraley, says if the ban stands, it would increase the cost and duration of the biotech regulatory process.  “It would require more and more studies to be done under a variety of environmental testing requirements that would add tens of millions of dollars and several years to the process,” Fraley says.

On the other hand, Fraley says, if the Supreme Court removes the injunction, it would help clarify both the legal and regulatory process relative to USDA biotech approvals in the future.

Fraley spoke at a water conference in Lincoln, Nebraska on Tuesday.

AUDIO: Rob Fraley (3 min MP3)

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