Second case of high path avian flu detected in Tennessee

A second case of highly pathogenic avian flu has been confirmed in southern Tennessee.  The commercial chicken breeder flock is within the existing controlled quarantined zone.

Following the confirmation of H7N9 high path avian flu, officials began depopulating the affected premises.  It is the same strain of avian flu that was found earlier this month.

Dr. Charles Hatcher, Tennessee state vet says the second case did not come as a surprise.  “Within the infected control zone when you have that much possibility of virus being in that area it’s not unexpected to have a break,” he says.  “We feel like the procedures we have in place and we’re following our already prescribed response plan are all going well.”

He says close monitoring and frequent testing enabled the immediate response.

Just this week three more cases of suspected high path avian flu were detected in three northern Alabama counties.

Neither high path nor low path avian flu pose a risk to the food supply.

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