The importance of immigrant workers in dairy

A coalition of business, manufacturing and agriculture groups launched a nationwide push for immigration reform on Wednesday. Laurie Fischer with the Dairy Business Association in Wisconsin says they are calling on Congress and the Administration to work together to get something done. Fischer says she gets more calls regarding immigration than anything else from the members of DBA. The dairy industry, from the farm through the processors to the stores and restaurants, is heavily reliant upon those workers. Employers want to make sure they are legal and the workers want to know they are safe.

AUDIO:Fischer talks about the need 4:20 mp3

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  • Artificially inseminating cows… Stealing their babies… Sending infants off to slaughter… Sending mothers off as well. Is it any wonder that no one wants these jobs? How desperate does one have to be to do this kind of work? Or to run this kind of business for that matter?

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