HSUS, Underwood pressure TN governor to veto bill

The Humane Society of the United States and singer Carrie Underwood are among those pressuring Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to veto a bill they say would end undercover investigations of animal abuse in the state.

The bill requires anyone who photographs or videos livestock cruelty to report the violation to a local law enforcement agency and submit any photos or recordings to them within 48 hours.

HSUS president and CEO Wayne Pacelle says the bill is part of a national movement to silence whistleblowers and cover up animal abuse.  HSUS is running television ads encouraging Tennesseans to contact the governor’s office to encourage a veto.    

Carrie Underwood, a supporter of HSUS, took to Twitter to scold Tennessee lawmakers for passing the bill. 

“Shame on TN lawmakers for passing the Ag Gag bill,” Underwood tweeted last week. “If Gov. Bill Haslam signs this, he needs to expect me at this front door.  Who’s with me?”

Media groups also oppose the bill, saying it would hinder journalists and others from documenting abuse.

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  • Since when is Carrie Underwood a recognized expert on law? She’s an entertainer and H$U$ is just using her to stop farm protection. It’s disgusting that people actually fall for the animal rights label “Ag Gag” Bill in reference to farmers who only seek to protect themselves against agenda-driven activists who try to vilify animal industries wherever possible—even if it means doctoring/editing tapes to show 5 minutes out of 50 hours that can be propagandized against animal industries. The AR argument that patterns of abuse cannot be established if undercover anti-animal-industry activists are not allowed to film for an extended period of time isn’t valid. That assumes that most animal industries are *guilty* (accurate according to anti-animal-use sociopaths), and it makes it okay for there to be ongoing animal abuse (okay collateral damage) when witnessed rather than turning it in immediately to authorities. Warped antisocial mentalities at work here, folks.

  • It’s not going to stop investigating of processing plants, they are just required to turn in their findings within 48 hrs. HSUS doesn’t want it to go through because it cuts down on their “editing” time they need to piece together findings to make it look as worst as possible.

  • HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle loves nothing more than a big public legislative battle. He lives for this kind of political theater. The more celebrity names he can exploit, the better. Pacelle doesn’t care that his approach has backfired countless times, resulting in more victories for the opposition. For example, laws in every state protecting hunters from harassment came about because of Wayne Pacelle. Under his spray-tanned mug, WP is a hateful and disturbed hypocrite – the last person that should be leading a moral crusade or running a charity. Carrie Underwood and other well known people (including Mary Mattalin) have been approached by PETA and other groups to join in the fight against these bills. Carrie Underwood used to be a big HSUS supporter, but was educated by fans and others about how deceptive and shady HSUS really is. HSUS is the major offender in terms of sitting on evidence of cruelty and lying about it to the media and Congress. Every “ag-gag” bill that passes is due to their misbehavior.

  • Carrie Underwood needs to mind her own business! She’s a singer, for crying out loud. Go sing, and leave lawmaking & animal care to people who actually know what they’re doing

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