The next generation is up to the challenge

WalshIt has been a very busy seven months for National FFA President Brian Walsh, a period he describes as “A whirlwind of opportunities and experiences.” One of those experiences was the annual National Officer trip to Japan to meet with the Future Farmers in that country. He was impressed with the concentration and innovation of agriculture in Japan: “to feed the number people they have with the limited amount of land they have is very difficult.”

Walsh says we can learn from the Japanese as we face the challenge of feeding more than 9 billion people on the face of the earth by 2050. That presents endless opportunities for the people in the FFA today. “I think that the youth of FFA as well as the industry are taking a lead role in advocating for agriculture.” He also notes that we need to retain consumer confidence in the food we produce.

The Virginia native says as he has travelled the country the past seven months he has met people from all across the country with diverse cultures and diverse backgrounds yet unified in their passion for agriculture.

AUDIO:Walsh talks about the year 6:10 mp3

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