Drought becoming a real problem for Australian cattle producers

For months we have been hearing about how the drought in New Zealand is impacting dairy production especially on the North Island, the Queensland area on the northeast side of Australia is also suffering. Pastures have dried-up and farmers are being forced to liquidate their herds.

So many cattle are going to market that prices have fallen to as low as $20 per head. Some producers tell The Australian that doesn’t cover the cost of trucking and they may be left no alternative but to just shoot the cattle.

Estimates put 4.2 million more cattle than can be maintained in Queensland with another 2 million being moved to other areas. In an effort to prevent total economic disaster, farmers are asking the Aussie government to buy 100,000 cattle at a guaranteed price. National Party Senate leader Barnaby Joyce supports the idea saying, “We give much more than $150m in foreign aid and I believe charity should begin at home.”

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