Dairy, pork, grain all working to preserve Mexico market

Jim Mulhern, Tom Vilsack, Michael Dykes meet with media during Mexico trade discussions. PHOTO: USDEC

The dairy industry is not the only commodity group concerned about possible changes in Mexico-U.S. trade relations.  Dairy Export Council President and CEO Tom Vilsack tells Brownfield several U.S. producer groups, along with his, visited Mexico last week after Mexico purchased commodities from competitors.  “They have made small purchasing decisions to try to just send a signal that they have other options, and that’s one of the reasons why we felt it important for us to be down there.  Interestingly, so did a number of other commodity groups.  The Pork Board was down there and represented very well, and also the Grains Council had representatives at the same time we were down there.”

Vilsack was part of a dairy industry delegation.  He says 73% of Mexican dairy imports come from the U.S. and Mexico is sending a message that it can buy those products elsewhere.  “They are in the process of re-evaluating what they perceive to be potentially an over-reliance on the U.S. for their products and services.”


Vilsack tells Brownfield, Mexico has taken a wait-and-see approach so far, but is prepared to react to unfavorable U.S. policy changes.


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