Connecting students with agriculture

From Pre-K through seniors in high school, Agri-Lesson Director Angie Williams is making sure students are learning the right message about how the food they eat is produced.  “Every child eats food,” she says.  “A lot of these kids don’t live on a farm and have no idea where their food comes from and with all the negative publicity about agriculture; we want to make sure they receive the accurate information.”

Ag Day at Pine Tree Elementary put a visual to the lessons the students have been learning throughout the school year.  “They have been learning about local agriculture: corn, soybeans and livestock,” she says.  Wednesday’s lesson paired that information with the important role those products play in Indiana’s economy.

AUDIO: Angie Williams, Agri-Lesson Director (3:05mp3)

Grant Reuff, a third grader at Pine Tree says he thinks Ag Day is important because they learn all the “neat things” about farming.  “I love learning about other stuff like soybeans, fish and pigs,” he tells Brownfield.  “I just think it’s cool to see all the different stuff that happens with the farm.”

AUDIO: Grant Rueff, Pine Tree Elementary (1:41mp3)

Karie Mize, principal of Pine Tree says she was amazed at what kids didn’t know about agriculture and thought it was important to educate the students about its significance.  “It’s important for students to know there is a whole other step for food before you (the consumer) goes to the grocery store,” she says.  “We’re just trying to bring it together and let the kids see overall how agriculture lends itself to science, technology and math.”

AUDIO: Karie Mize, Pine Tree Principal (3:22mp3)

Pine Tree Elementary’s next Ag Day in March will focus on animal agriculture.

AUDIO: Ella Fanning, Pine Tree (1:20mp3)

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