BOAH releases Raw Milk Study

During the 2012 Indiana State Legislature, the Board of Animal Health was tasked with putting together a study on the sale of raw (or unpasteurized) milk in the state.  Indiana State Veterinarian, Dr. Bret Marsh says the process has been lengthy and educational.

Marsh says BOAH believes the process of pasteurization has been highly effective in reducing pathogens that could be found in raw milk.  However – because of the increased interest in raw milk, BOAH has two recommendations for the General Assembly as they consider the issue.

Option A says: “If we maintain the current requirement for milk to be pasteurized, that ALL milk that is sold for consumption by consumers meet the same standards for sanitation and pasteurization,” he says.  “That includes milk from cow or herd shares or some of the products that are labeled for pet food only.”

If the legislature chooses to change the law and allow some limited distribution of raw milk (particularly sales from producers directly to consumers), Marsh notes that Option B recommends that BOAH be given the opportunity to establish the minimum sanitary stands needed to accomplish that task.

The 150 page study is now in the Governor’s office and will be available for review by legislators.

AUDIO: Dr. Bret Marsh, Indiana State Vet (2:49mp3)

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  • Marsh obviously does not know what a herdshare is. Milk is not sold in a herdshare. The state cannot regulate the milk of herdshares any more than it can regulate the tomatoes you grow in your garden plot.

    Do yourself a favor–don’t try to reinvent the wheel–take a look at Pennsylvania’s milk regs.

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