4-Hrs donate part of winnings to fellow 4-Hr

Haley Browning, winner of Champion Meat Rabbit pen, Saline County Fair

The 4-H spirit is alive and well in Saline County, Missouri. The fair board and exhibitors themselves gave part of their earnings to 10-year-old Haley Browning who had the Grand champion meat rabbits at last week’s champion sale at the Saline County Fair.

Taylor Boland, a show volunteer, says it was uplifting watching fellow 4-Hrs donate part of their winnings to Haley, who has cancer. Boland tells Brownfield Ag News, “After they would get done selling their animal they would walk up to the announcer stand, or throughout the sale, and say I would like to donate $100, or, $150 to Haley.  So, that was super cool that the exhibitors, alone, really stepped up, to (help) Haley.”

Thirty exhibitors donated 28-hundred dollars of their premiums to Haley, for medical expenses. Thirty-two buyers paid nearly $68-hundred dollars for her meat rabbits and the Saline County Fair Board gave one-percent of its part of the gross sales to Haley. In total, Haley was given 10-thousand-dollars.

Interview with Taylor Boland:


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