Enhancing food production

One of the challenges ahead for the agriculture industry is to double food production in the next 40 years.  Elanco’s Rob Aukerman, President of US operations says Elanco is working to use proven technologies to enable farmers to deliver more food using fewer resources.  Aukerman says being able to produce a safe, affordable and abundant food supply will help in the fight against global food insecurity. 

With that task at hand, Aukerman says one of Elanco’s main areas of focus in innovations is increasing productivity.  He says Elanco’s recent acquisition of ChemGen (a privately held company specializing in food enzyme products) can help them do just that.  Enzymes can be thought of as “natural digestive enhancers,” he says, “that can unlock nutrients available in feedstuffs.” 

Aukerman tells Brownfield with 75% of inputs in feedstuffs, helping farmers get more out of their inputs will help them maximize productivity.

AUDIO: Rob Aukerman, President – Elanco (5:59mp3)

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