Yogurt standards, good news or already out of date?

The National Milk Producers Federation says a final rule by the FDA on yogurt standards of identity gives hope to the dairy industry when it comes to naming rights.

Alan Bjerga tells Brownfield more than 20 years ago the National Yogurt Association filed a petition with the FDA to modernize yogurt’s standard of identity.

“The new rule very much affirms the standard of yogurt and the importance of standards of identity themselves, that a food needs to be what you say it is,” he explains.

The irony of the decision Bjerga says is the National Yogurt Association dissolved in 2019.

FDA is doing a lot of reviews on food issues and Bjerga expects guidance for dairy labeling by next June.

“We’re seeing this yogurt rule as a very helpful sign that at least in terms of thinking from the FDA, the principles that we have are principles that FDA shares and we hope this is going to be a positive outcome for us,” he says.

The International Dairy Foods Association says they’re pleased the FDA has finally made progress on the rule, but a number of recommendations have been overlooked and technology has progressed beyond the standards.  The organization is calling for more transparency in the FDA rule-making process and is filing a formal objection to amend and modernize the rule.

More from Bjerga on the yogurt rule and H-2A progress

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