Yield bumps from fungicide applied to R3 beans in MU trial

Three years of research in fungicide application at the R3 growth stage of soybeans in Missouri found a reduction of foliar disease but also increased yields.

University of Missouri plant pathologist Kaitlyn Bissonnette tells Brownfield Ag News, “What we found across 33 trials is there was an approximately 1.5 bushel per acre yield bump, a median yield gain that we saw across those trials.”

But, she says yield results varied, “Some trials there was a greater yield gain and some trials there was actually a loss when the application of a fungicide was applied.”

The trial looked at both fungicide-treated and untreated soybeans and participating farmers could choose which fungicide to apply.

Bissonnette says soybeans in treated strips showed less Septoria and frogeye leaf spot.

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