World Dairy Expo changes allow more youth opportunities

A small schedule change led to more youth taking part in World Dairy Expo competitions. 

Bill Hageman is the World Dairy Expo board chair, and he tells Brownfield that moving the start of the event up one day to Sunday helped get more young people involved. “We added a youth-focused day on Sunday and that was huge. All day, we had different competitions in the youth and we were able to focus specifically on that day for that and saw a big bump in attendance and participation in those events.”

Hageman says there are often travel and other issues that limit youth participation. “It’s smart for those people if their children need to go back to school on a Monday or Tuesday, it allows that. They don’t have to travel cross country or something like that and they’re here for a longer period of time so we did see tremendous participation in all of our youth events on Sunday.”

Hageman says World Dairy Expo is also getting positive feedback about the changes to the trade show schedule, which has been shortened from five to four days this year.

World Dairy Expo Board Chairman Bill Hageman with Brownfield’s Larry Lee

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