Work/life integration at farm level needed for long-term employees

An ag consultant says the farms with the best employee retention are those that have created a culture of work/life balance.

Dairy Strategies, LLC. Senior Consultant Bob Milligan tells Brownfield the pandemic has revolutionized what employees value and how managers can lead.

“Right now is probably the greatest leadership opportunity for most business owners that they have had or will have in their lifetime,” he says.

Milligan says employees need and want to be treated as people, and connections and collaboration in the workplace will build trust and dedicated workers.

“People today are thinking about work/life integration, they’re not willing to give up one for the other—they want both,” he explains.

Milligan says more engaged employees also reduce turnover and labor shortages while adding to profitability.

Brownfield interviewed Milligan following his talk during the Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference on how farm businesses can lead profitably out of the pandemic.

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