Wisconsin farmer awaits better planting weather

A southern Wisconsin farmer is one of many waiting for the weather to change before planting can begin. 

Doug Rebout and his family farm near Janesville, just north of the Wisconsin-Illinois border.  He tells Brownfield he’s still making planter adjustments while waiting for better field conditions. “It’s all going to depend on the weather because someone just told me today they’re talking snow on Wednesday again.”

About says when it is time to go, it will be a bit hectic. “Usually, both planters hit the fields about the same time. We do about 25-hundred acres of corn and about 13-hundred acres of soybeans.”

And as far as inputs go, Rebout says he’s been fortunate. “The seed is sitting here waiting to go and a couple of times for anhydrous, we had to wait a couple of hours for the co-op to get a load in but that was about it.”

He says the scattered rains might have been helpful to his anhydrous supplier, allowing the cooperative to keep supplies coming in slightly faster than they could deliver to farms.

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