Wisconsin ag equipment lemon law hearing today

Wisconsin lawmakers are trying again to create a lemon law for agricultural equipment. 

State Representative Paul Tittle tells Brownfield Wisconsin led the nation with the original lemon law for cars and trucks nearly 30 years ago, but agricultural equipment was overlooked. “Today, we’re having a hearing in the Assembly and we have a farmer friend of mine from my district, from the 25th Assembly District in Manitowoc county and has testified.”

Tittle says farm equipment often costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and when that equipment fails, it can be devastating for the farmer. “When a farmer goes out and uses his equipment, it’s not like he’s just going out for a Sunday drive. He’s either got to get his crops in the field or get his crops off of the field, otherwise, you aren’t using your equipment.”

Tittle is confident Assembly Bill 14 is moving early enough in the legislative session to get passed but he’s concerned about if it will get a hearing in the Senate Ag Committee. “It is Senator Ballweg’s committee. As you know, she operates, or her family does, Ballweg Equipment and I would ask you to contact her and see what she has to say about it, but I sure would appreciate even having a hearing.”

A previous lemon law bill died in the Senate right when the COVID pandemic began, so Tittle has reintroduced the legislation.

Several other states have already adopted lemon laws for ag equipment.

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