Wheels in motion for DFA climate smart incentives

Dairy Farmers of America expects to soon start incentivizing climate-smart practices as part of a $45 million grant from USDA.

Kristen Coady tells Brownfield their pilot should put farmers in the center of a climate-smart commodities economy.

“Our grant gives incentives to farmers to adopt new technologies that can help them be more sustainable and then us developing and introducing into the market some low-climate dairy products—the returns because we are a cooperative would go back to those farmer-owners,” she explains.

She says the last details of the grant are being finalized, but, “The practices that will be incentivized will center around ways to scale methane emissions reductions and how to increase soil carbon sequestration.”

The grant was one of 70 announced through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Partnership for Climate Smart Commodities program this past fall.

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