Weitekamp outlines vision as Illinois Pork Producers Association President

The newly elected President of the Illinois Pork Producers Association has a vision for the organization this year.

Dale Weitekamp of Raymond, Illinois tells Brownfield…

“As today’s pork producers we must remember that the farm gate is not where our job ends, but where our commitment to the consumers begin. That kind of sums up where I’m hoping to take the organization and keep it on that path.”

As a contract swine producer himself, Weitekamp says he hopes to create more opportunities for and gain more membership from contract producers.

“Contract producers are kind of the future. Guys want to grow out and this gives them an opportunity to get their foot in agriculture, especially the young guys. I will be focusing on industry services.”

Weitekamp is part of a fifth-generation centennial farming family that grows row crops and contract finishes 22,000 head of pigs in wean to finish buildings.

Brownfield interviewed Weitekamp at the 2020 Illinois Pork Expo.

Interview with Dale Weitekamp

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