Walz wants permanent drought fund for Minnesota farmers

The governor of a Midwestern state is advocating for a permanent drought fund. 

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz says it took the legislature too long to get financial assistance to farmers impacted by last year’s drought.

“I thought we should’ve got that package out last August and it ended up taking until May to get this thing done. But the lesson on this is that (droughts) are going to be more common, they’re not uniform across the state, and I think the state needs to be more nimble.”

He tells Brownfield the solution could be a permanent drought package refilled annually and authorized by the legislature.

“I think that quick response (is important), especially in the livestock industry. I’m worried (because) it takes one or two droughts in a row (and) these folks are going to sell off, and we need that industry here.”

Walz says the drought fund could be modeled after the dairy relief program that delivered money to farmers following heavy snow that collapsed buildings in early 2019.

Brownfield interviewed Governor Walz Wednesday at Farmfest in southwest Minnesota.

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