USB CEO talks about possible permanent shifts in the supply chain

The supply chain could see permanent shifts because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to United Soybean Board CEO Polly Ruhland.

“I think what the consumer has realized is they can have things at home that they never thought they could have at home before—be that delivered meals, be that delivered groceries, be that all kinds of services that they can get and do at home that they thought they needed to go out for,” she says.

She tells Brownfield there are opportunities because the importance of agricultural supply chain infrastructure has never been more evident. 

“Suddenly everything they wanted (at the grocery store) was not at their fingertips so I think they started thinking about where does food come from, how does it get to me, and when the infrastructure breaks down what happens,” she says. “I think people are thinking about how food gets from farm to fork more than they have.”

Ruhland says it’s a time for agriculture to take advantage of the way consumers are thinking about farming and food right now and do an educational push about why the industry is critical. 

Audio: Polly Ruhland

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