USB CEO says now is the time to invest in U.S. soy

United Soybean Board CEO Polly Ruhland says now is the time to take advantage of opportunities and invest in strategic projects that advance the U.S. soybean industry.

“You have demand, you have investment money, and you have a very strong and growing stronger reputation for soy globally,” she says.  

She spoke with 78 farmer-leaders during USB’s board meeting today.

The farmers will select soy checkoff investment programs for fiscal year 2022 and vote on the longer-term strategic plan.

“Meal, oil, and sustainability as key soy products and value will continue to underpin everything we do,” she says. “…while I view this current proposed strategic plan as more evolutionary than revolutionary, it does fundamentally change the basis of the numerous conversations and relationships we cultivate with partners and collaborators across the soy value chain. Our commitment to getting the most possible value returned to farmers with each checkoff dollar paid will not change.”

USB says decisions during the meeting will help maximize profit opportunities for U.S. soybean growers by investing and leveraging checkoff resources that drive innovation beyond the bushel.

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