Upcoming rains should ease drought concerns

Forecast weekend rains across the corn belt should come as welcome news as drought concerns begin to rise.

Brownfield meteorologist Greg Soulje says it may take a few days to move eastward and reach accumulative totals, but rain is on the way in the coming days.  

“So, there should be some rainfall totals of one to two and maybe some outlier three-inch amounts coming in throughout some of the western and southwestern corn belt sections the end of the week. Over the weekend we will begin to see some of those storms, at least in scattered segments, begin to break out over Wisconsin, down through Missouri and Illinois, up though western Indiana and sections of Michigan before building over the rest of the corn belt.”

That should also help ease crop condition concerns after Monday’s USDA report revealed a 4% drop in good to excellent corn and decline in soil moisture.

Looking further into the season, Soulje says drier conditions may return.

“There may be a revolution of some of these dryer and flash-drought areas in sections of the western corn belt as we get deeper into the summertime season.”

He says anticipated tropical weather systems should provide wetter conditions in the eastern corn belt.  

Interview with Greg Soulje

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