UNL Extension Specialist says sustainability key to pork industry success

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension specialist says increasing sustainability will be key to pork industry success.

“It’s important for producers to be aware of what they can do today and to be prepared for what could come later,” says Brad Lubben, an extension policy specialist. “As we see a lot of movement in the area of climate policy and potential carbon regulations, that’s presenting both maybe opportunities and also challenges for agriculture and specifically the pork industry.”

He says as an example producers could sequester carbon from manure pits to earn carbon credits. “That maybe an opportunity today.  There could be pressure that it’s a regulatory expectation down the road and we’re always in the midst of or balance between incentives and regulations.”

He says sustainable practices should be economically viable, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable.

Brad Lubben, UNL Extension policy specialist:

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