Unintended consequences of Prop 12

Those who support Proposition 12 may find it has unintended consequences.

Southwest Minnesota pork producer Randy Spronk says there are three sides to sustainability.

“The ethical side: should the sow be able to turn around? Which is a great discussion to have. But it’s also the environmental side, which used to be clean water and air. Now includes carbon. Then it’s the economic side, not only for me as a producer but for society as a whole that is buying a protein.”

Prop 12 is a California law that requires pork sold in the state to be raised under certain housing standards.

“When you do that Proposition 12 and the ethical side, which uses 24 square feet. Actually you look at that environmental side, it’s going to take more concrete, it’s going to take more lumber, it’s going to take more steel, it’s going to take more propane to heat that extra space you have. So you went the wrong direction when you talk about the environmental side.”

And while speaking to Brownfield at the U.S. Meat Export Federation Spring Conference in Minneapolis Thursday, he said the added cost for producers will be felt by consumers who are already paying more for their food because of inflation.

Spronk is chairman-elect of USMEF.

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