The impact of climate change on food systems

The 2022 Borlaug Dialogue is exploring potential long-term impacts of climate change on agriculture and the world’s food system.

Kyle Poorman, director of the Borlaug Dialogue, says climate change can affect the quality and availability of food.

“If weather becomes more variable in the center part of the United States, that has implications all over the world because of the high amounts of exports that come from this part of the country,” he said.

He tells Brownfield it can also impact a farmer’s bottom line.

“Crop insurance, for example, may get more expensive as we see variable amounts of drought,” Poorman said. “Or even damage from storm events.”

Poorman says climate, conflict, and COVID will be three areas of focus during the dialogue this week.

AUDIO: Kyle Poorman, Director of the 2022 Borlaug Dialogue

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