Tensions between U.S, Mexico grow as revised decree bans white corn, phases out other uses

Mexico has announced a new biotech corn decree that would ban genetically modified white corn while phasing out uses for livestock feed.  

Andy Jobman is the Nebraska Corn Growers Association Chairmen and a producer of white corn. “That’s a very bold move and quite frankly, one that is worst case scenario for the United States.”

Mexico’s government says it will revoke authorizations and permits to import, produce, distribute and use of the herbicide glyphosate and GM corn, but may grant some use until a substitute is achieved for feed and industrial use.

He says more than 90 percent of US corn is genetically modified. “That’s most, if not all, of our exports going to Mexico right now, and to completely phase that out, it has huge, huge market implications for us.”

Jobman tells Brownfield he’s been satisfied with the Biden administration’s pressure on Mexico, but, “Farmers’ patience has been spent. We’re tired of talk.  We’re tired of inaction.  It’s time to hold Mexico accountable under USMCA.

He says corn farmers and commodity groups would like to see a trade dispute filed under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement immediately.

According to the Mexican government, the decree, which goes into effect Tuesday instead of 2024, says it’s in accordance with Mexico’s food self-sufficiency policies and protection of the population and environment.

  • US Farmers should abruptly stop supplying the corn. Putting up with this political BS is unacceptable. Cut them off, let them starve and they will come back begging – then ignore them till they pay for the illegal immigration.

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