SureTrack PRO connecting organic farmers to processors

Organic grain producers and processors now have another tool to help them connect.

Brett Andricks with AGI SureTrack says the new SureTrack PRO system enables processors to secure grain specific to their needs.

“We preach to growers and processors about growing and buying for a purpose. What we mean by that is oil content, or starch, or protein. And that’s what our system does is allows that to be visible and we want to create markets for them whenever they are growing that higher-quality product.”

He tells Brownfield SureTrack PRO also identifies premiums.

“We can find those companies that are willing to offer that premium that can offset some of those additional costs. And one of the main ones would be transportation. A lot of times those markets aren’t in every particular geographic area. And we give them the tools to run those numbers and see if that is going to be profitable for them.”

He says the SureTrack PRO database has around 3,200 farmer-users and more than 30 processors.   

Brownfield interviewed Andricks last month during the Organic and Non-GMO Forum in Minneapolis.


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