Strong interest in large animal veterinarian career

An extension educator says there continues to be a lot of interest in large animal veterinary study.

Dr. Joe Armstrong is with the University of Minnesota.

“There is (strong interest), and we have this weird juxtaposition where we think there’s a shortage of large animal veterinarians, and in reality we have a lot of people who still enter that field. We can debate whether or not they stay in the field. But there are a lot of people that study that and want to be food animal medicine veterinarians.”

But with farms becoming bigger and farther apart, he tells Brownfield there are fewer areas that can support a large animal vet.

“Especially if they’re trying to not do it alone.”

The University is hosting the Minnesota Cattlemen’s Summer Tour July 12th and will be showcasing its Leatherdale Equine Center at the College of Veterinary Medicine. 

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