Spider mites flaring up in Upper Midwest

Spotty insect pressure is common at this point in the growing season.  But in the Upper Midwest, WinField United agronomist Jon Zuk says spider mite infestations are becoming more widespread in soybeans.

“Originally, this kind of started off a little bit more isolated, but the more I’ve been in the countryside and the more phone calls and conversations I’ve had, we’re seeing a lot more spider mite flareups.”

He says yellowing along field borders can be a warning sign.

“They’re basically going to feed on that plant and cause early senescence, which in the end is basically going to give you really small soybeans. So they can have a pretty big yield hit fairly late into the season.”

Zuk tells Brownfield growers should be scouting for spider mites now because a lot of insecticides will be off label within the next two to three weeks.

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