Soil moisture varies across Nebraska, dryland corn might be in trouble

Field conditions across Southern Nebraska vary and two farmers in that region have had two different experiences this spring.

Randy Uhrmacher of Hastings tells Brownfield timely rains during the planting season have led to an ideal start. “I don’t remember a year where we’ve gotten near perfect rainfall this spring.  We had enough time to get the crops planted in a timely manner, but we had enough moisture to bring them up.  Everything looks great,” he says.

But farmer Ken Boswell of Shickely says there’s a different issue is brewing. “We’re going to need to have timely rains during the growing season or we’re going to see quite a bit of stress on our dryland crops.”

He says the problem is already showing up. “Irrigated ground I think there is a fairly full profile but dryland I don’t think you’ve got to go down a foot to a food-and-a-half and find dry ground,” he says.

Next week’s forecast shows temperatures in the low 90s with little-to-no chances of rain across much of the state.

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