Snow brings some renewed optimism for Kansas farmers

A Central Kansas farmer says this weekend’s winter storm has renewed some hope for the growing season.

“It’s not a drought buster by any means, but it does make you feel pretty good to get some moisture that will soak in.”

Brian Siecker tells Brownfield his area received 4-5 inches of wet, heavy snow and that’s help recharge the soil profile. “It’s still dry underneath and there is still a ways to go. We’re still really hurting from last summer from not having enough moisture to finish out the season.  We’ve had just enough moisture to get the wheat up.”

But, he says, the moisture might not be enough for winter wheat crops. “This might be enough moisture to germinate, but I don’t know if it’s enough  moisture to establish a crop or root systems.  For a lot of those guys who got up to 10 inches, when you melt it down, it’s probably enough to germinate.  Hopefully they get more moisture to build a crop out of it.”

Siecker says he hopes this is a sign of better things to come for farmers in his state. “It’s been pretty painful in the last few years out west.  It would be nice for us to get caught up on moisture.”

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