Shutdown raises concerns about year-round E15 approval

Geoff Cooper, president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association

An ethanol industry leader says he is concerned that the federal government shutdown could delay EPA’s rule allowing summer sales of E15.

EPA announced last year it would have the rule ready to release the rule in February and have it approved in time for summer sales of E15. Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Geoff Cooper says the shutdown could make a tight timeline even tighter.

“It was a tight timeline to start out with and now we’re facing a potential delay associated with the government shutdown,” Cooper says. “So with each passing day that this shutdown continues, we are growing more and more concerned.”

But Cooper says he’s still confident the EPA will allow year-round E15 sales before June 1st.

“We’re hopeful that EPA can very quickly get this proposed rule out for public comments—and, most importantly, have it finished by the end of May so that when we get to the summer driving season, retailers can continue to sell E15.”

Currently, Reid vapor pressure (RVP) regulations prevent the sale of E15 in most U.S. markets during the summer driving season, from June 1 through September 15.

AUDIO: Geoff Cooper

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