Seed Consultants: Timing and consistency needed for soil sampling

Seed Consultants Field Agronomist Jordan Bassler says timing and consistency are critical when collecting soil samples.

“Fall is the preferred time because that is when the soil microbes are at their highest activity because the soil is still warm at that time of year,” he says. “Fall also has a little better soil conditions then the spring.” 

He says soil samples can still be collected in the spring, but results may be skewed because of low soil microbial activity and soil temperature.

“Whichever time of year you choose to pull these samples, the most important thing is that you do it at the same time of year if you’re doing a multi-year fertility plan,” he says. “So if you pull the samples this year and you’re planning to pull them again next year or in three years, you have to make sure you pull them at the same time of year—fall or spring.”

Bassler made these comments during a recent virtual Seed Consultants winter agronomy meeting.

The third and final virtual winter agronomy meeting is tomorrow morning. Agronomist Bill McDonald will discuss the 2020 corn fungicide study results. Click here for more information.

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