Scrutinize input decisions

An extension crops educator encourages farmers to scrutinize every input decision.

Liz Stahl with the University of Minnesota says the Nitrogen Rate Calculator is an online tool that can help growers in multiple states.

“What would we recommend based off of all the years of research that we’ve done at multiple locations, multiple environments. Just making sure you’re applying the nitrogen that you need and you’re not overapplying. You don’t want to put more out there than you need.”

She also recommends soil sampling.

“And if you’re not, that’s just one huge thing that you really want to be doing too is making sure you’re seeing what you have out in your fields and that will help determine what you should be applying out there.”

If soils show high levels of phosphorous or potassium, Stahl says there’s less chance crops will respond to additional fertilizer.

Stahl made these comments during Brownfield affiliate KNUJ’s recent Women In Ag Forum.

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