Research shows U.S. pork producers are carbon neutral

While many in agriculture are working on becoming carbon-neutral, the National Pork Board says pork producers are already there. 

Bill Even with the National Pork Board tells Brownfield that recent environmental studies show the pork sector is environmentally friendly. “According to the U.S. EPA data, the U.S. pork industry contributes less than one-half of one percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. so we are really close to being carbon neutral, or climate positive as they would say.”

Even says the board has since asked nearly 200 pork producers to have the data certified by a third party. “And the results back from those first two-plus million pigs that have been in the system is that these farms are not only carbon neutral, but many are what you’d call carbon negative or climate positive.”

And Even says that’s a positive message consumers want and need to hear. “You should feel really good about consuming pork because we know we’re doing things right for people, pigs, and the planet.”

Even spoke to Brownfield during the Wisconsin Corn-Soy-Pork Expo in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Thursday.

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