Rancher says it may take a few years for rangelands to rebuild after multi-year drought

A Southwest Nebraska rancher says with recent improvement in drought conditions, rangeland management will be critical moving forward.

“Everything is going to grow back to normal.  It will just take a year or two.”

Logan Pribbeno tells Brownfield overgrazing pastures would be a big mistake. “You don’t have to immediately destock when you enter a drought if you’re willing to let Mother Nature catch back up.  That’s what we’re doing this year is keeping everything half-stocked even though we’re well over our average rainfall at this point.”  

He says rangelands have greened up faster than expected, but it will take some time for new grass to take hold. “What’s coming is annuals like Lamb’s Quarter and Goosefoot.  I won’t call them weeds because we sure want them there.”

Pribbeno says his region has received almost 10 inches of rain over the last six weeks, which is several inches above average.

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