Proposed dairy research site would study greenhouse gas emissions

USDA and the Army Corps of Engineers are planning to replace the existing U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center in Wisconsin with a new facility.

The proposed facility would be on the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant site, and Jason Harre with the Corps of Engineers says it would be unlike any other research dairy in the world.  He says this new facility will be the only site in the United States to comprehensively research greenhouse gas emission reduction efforts, how to customize the ration for individual dairy cows, management methods that enhance soil health, and strategies that minimize nutrient losses.

Plans call for the new facility to feature chambers and specialized feeding systems that measure methane and ammonia gas production, a robotic barn capable of precisely feeding cows, as well as free stall and tie stall systems commonly found on dairies in the region.

This new facility would replace USDFRC’s current facility, constructed to accommodate 325 Holstein cows in 1980.

A public hearing on the proposed research farm is happening May 1st at the George Culver Community Library in Sauk City, Wisconsin beginning at 5:30 pm.

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