Producers could be hurt by potential postponements of farmers markets

COVID-19 has created unprecedented disruptions to local production cycles and could lead to the postponement or cancellation of farmers markets.

Amanda Deering is a clinical assistant professor at Purdue University.

“I think this is going to be a very difficult time for growers not just in Indiana but around the country because they’re looking for outlets for their produce,” she says. “Many (local producers) were exclusively selling to farmers markets, restaurants, or other local places.”  

Her advice is to support local growers when possible.

“If you can support a local grower try to because I think they’re going to struggle quite a bit here in the next few months,” she says.

Purdue released a guide for producers to navigate this challenging time. Advice includes changing your business model, meeting the needs of the market, reaching your customer base without increasing potential exposure to COVID-19, and continuing to generate income during this tough time.

Deering says there are some opportunities to set up online or phone sales…

“Get a Facebook page, promote where people can come to your farm, or have drop of points more like CSA baskets,” she says. “They think if that increases this will really help local growers that they can still make a profit and they won’t lose a ton of money.”

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