Planting delays complicate grain marketing

Planting delays have some farmers feeling uneasy about marketing.

Les Anderson grows corn and soybeans in southeast Minnesota and tells Brownfield he’s barely turned a wheel this spring.

“The wildcard is the price of the inputs and are you going to be able to get fertilizer, and there’s so much uncertainty there. The dollars are that much bigger now and there’s bigger ways to mess up your marketing.”

He says with input prices at record highs, farmers probably can’t afford to sell corn for under $6 per bushel.

“It just sort of amplifies are decision-making process, and if you’re on the right or wrong end of it (there) could be some very major swings in your profitability on the expense side and on the income side.”

Anderson says pricing corn is tricky right now but points out the market seems to be trending higher.

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