Planting delayed due to continued wet, cool conditions

Planters are halted again after a brief window of ideal conditions for a western Indiana farmer.

Kevin Cox raises corn and soybeans in Clay and Parke counties.

“We got two days of corn planting in, and we got rained out one night. Fortunately, we didn’t get a lot of rain, so we were able to get started back running again the next day but then got a lot more rain that night,” he says. “We were able to get the soybean planter running so we have some beans in the ground.”

He tells Brownfield many farmers are facing the same issues.

“I had an agronomist tell me this is the year you need to throw the calendar away and just watch the forecast, and that’s been a pretty accurate statement,” he says. “Soil temperatures and air temperatures have been low with a lot of rain. That is a terrible combination while trying to get seeds to germinate.”

Cox says things are looking up with warmer and drier conditions in the forecast.  

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