Ohio Master Farmers honored in Ada

Two Ohio farmers have been named Master Farmers for their conservation leadership. 

Jeff Duling farms 1,300 acres in Putnam County along with managing a 2,000-head, contract wean-to-finish hog enterprise and finishing feeder cattle. He has been no-till farming for 40 years and says his work as a certified crop adviser has opened the door to decades of conservation practices like cover crops.

“I am 100 percent sold on getting it covered,” he says  “I have to have it covered because if I see water come off my field, it better be clear.”

Bret Margraf incorporates livestock on his 1,250-acre farm in Senaca County and practices what he preaches on regenerative agriculture while also working as a nutrient technician for the county’s conservation district.

“We host a lot of events here in coordinate with the soil and water conservation district on this farm where we just invite people in and I think that’s how you get an idea and you make an idea move forward,” he shares.

The Ohio Master Farmers were nominated by their peers and selected for their exceptional management, innovation, conservation, leadership, and community involvement. 

The awards are presented by the Ohio Farmer Magazine and sponsored by Brownfield Ag News and the Ohio Conservation Tillage & Technology Conference. 

Read more about their stories in the Ohio Farmer Magazine.

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