Nutrient management a big factor in yield

Farmers are encouraged to evaluate nutrient management when preparing for the next growing season.

Winfield United market development agronomist Mark Glady says soil fertility is one of the biggest yield factors.

“And not just nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, the big three, but we also want to look at micronutrients. And even though zinc, manganese, boron, are only needed at less than a pound per acre for a 200-bushel corn crop removal, they’re still essential to have.”

He tells Brownfield soil sampling is foundational to developing a fertilizer plan, but says plant tissue sampling is also important.

“In a dry year, roots don’t really like to grow through dry soils. So even though we’ve applied fertility, if the roots can’t take it up, then they’re still struggling. Tissue sampling in season, when corn is about a foot tall, early June, allows us to identify what we call ‘hidden hunger’ if it exists.”

He says that allows farmers to respond in season if there is a deficiency.

Brownfield interviewed Glady during the 2023 National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention in Kansas City, Missouri last week.

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