NPPC urges action from Congress on health security

The National Pork Producers Council is urging Congress to take action on a trio of health security measures.

NPPC’s Jim Monroe tells Brownfield dog imports are posing a risk to the U.S. livestock industry.

“It’s a relatively unknown issue and increasingly we’re seeing dogs be imported from countries that have African Swine Fever, foot and mouth disease or some other foreign animal disease,” he said.

Monroe said a number of regulators currently monitor such paths for disease entry, but they are mostly focused on human health. He said NPPC will also be pushing congress to appropriate funds for more ag inspectors.

“Which are sorely needed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to really bolster our lines of defense at our borders against foreign animal disease,” Monroe said.

He says legislation passed in 2020 authorizing such funding to be used for 720 ag inspectors. NPPC is also seeking full funding for the National Animal Health Network which provides surveillance for foreign animal disease.

NPPC members will voice these requests to members of Congress during the Spring Legislative Conference starting Wednesday.

Jim Monroe Interview

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