NPPC says increasing trade access to Vietnam a priority

The National Pork Producers Council wants better access for US pork headed into Vietnam.

Nick Giordano, vice president and counsel for NPPC, says there’s a lot of opportunity for the industry.  “The US has a trade imbalance with Vietnam,” he says.  “And pork alone is a great candidate to put a dent in that trade imbalance.  We’ve got bipartisan support on The Hill and we’re pretty optimistic the US government is already taking this request very seriously.”

Vietnam continues to struggle with African swine fever and has had to increase their imports of pork.  But, the US remains at a competitive disadvantage on the global market.  “Unfortunately, we’re at a disadvantage to the CP-TPP countries and to the European Union, who basically got the deal we negotiated in CP-TPP,” he says. 

Maria Zieba (zee-buh) assistant vice president of international affairs for NPPC says they want increased access for US pork to be part of US Trade Representative Katherine Tai’s talks with Vietnam.  “That tariff and non-tariff barriers be eliminated,” she says.  “We think there’s a lot that can be accomplished in those negotiations.”

Giordano and Zieba make their remarks following the NPPC’s recent Legislation Action Conference. 

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